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News and Events

News and Events

Good Monday morning Readers!

What a glorious day it turned out to be, the temperatures nearly reaching the seventy mark and there was a cool breeze all day. A perfect evening for fishing!
I hear from the weather people in Duluth that we are expected to cool way down on Monday and then back into the eighties again. I'll take the cool part, how about you?

After all the kids packed up and left, the Fanella's enjoyed a week long visit from Bob's brother Rich and his wife Jackie from Kenosha/Florida... An annual casino trip was in the works for Sunday but, I've not heard the outcome. I hope they were all lucky!

If you missed the last Potluck Dinner/meeting you missed a great meal and a lot of fun playing Bingo. Dizzy was the big winner of the evening and everyone had a great time....

Our next Potluck will be held on Thursday, August 7th meeting at 5pm dinner at 6pm...

The next big event for our community is our 2nd annual Fall Fest. This is our second fest and it will be held on Saturday August 16! There will be a "Chinese Raffle" and music by Richard Anderson and Ron Gran. So, mark that date down!! If you would like to volunteer for a few hours that day you can give me a call....

Enjoy the break in the heat...until next time... be kind!



Monthly potluck meetings on 2nd Thursday unless a federal holiday then 3rd Thursday. Check website for details on events and meeting minutes.

We thank the work crew and generous contributors for the new windows, handicap front ramp, newly painted picnic tables, mowing of lawn and plowing snow. With continued support we hope to replace beer shed roof, woman's bathroom floor, front door, rear handicap ramp to restrooms, remove outhouses and grade plus caulk windows.  A special thank you to Gary Hillstrom taking responsibility for pot lucks and providing generous setups, entres and prizes for bingo. Meetings and meals move smoothly due to his effort.

July 5th White Elephant & Bake Sale 11:00am until goods gone. Proceeds are for the Community Club. Items you wish to donate can be brought to the clubhouse Sat June 28th 9:00am - 12:00 or Sun June 29th 12:00 - 3:00. We have the right to refuse certain items. See website for most common non acceptable items or call Pat Dudley 715 794-2029

Fireworks at dusk. Bring a lawn chair, blanket, bug spray and a donation (accepted at beverage stand). The presentation will be larger than last year. Aug 16th 2nd Annual Reunion Picnic 11:00 am thru afternoon Pulled pork sandwiches, homemade potato salad, bourbon beans, corn on the cob and beverage stand. Many games; raffle table, money wheel, minnow races for children etc. Music by Richard Anderson and Ron Gran.

Special Attention

2014 Membership Dues     $5.00 per adult Mail to Patricia Dudley Treasurer, 60125 State Highway 77, Clam Lake, WI. 54517


Contact any officer listed below:  

Andrea Krygoski, President  715 794-2343  
Bud Rubeck, Vice President  715 794-2479
Patricia Dudley, Treasurer  715 794-2029  
Jane Eder, Secretary   715 794-2440

Interested in renting club premises? Contact any officer for policy

Here's a Snippet from Lynne:

In this snippet I am including a picture of the Willow River Lumber Co. Railroad from Clam Lake to Grandview and the railcar. Dodo Dumanch told me she remembers seeing a photo of a flat car that also came to Clam Lake. Possibly, they came together, one for passengers, the other to transport belongings and supplies.
Now, back to 1916 and life on Camp Fire Island Resort……
In April of 1916 Clarence Stuebe makes his first appearance in Howard Scotford’s Journal. With the ice going out on the 25th, Scotford is free to leave the Island and he goes to Stuebe’s. Clarence and Scotford begin building a dining cabin with Clarence helping with various things as the summer season approaches.
Here are some notations:
George Taylor and Clarence came. George, Clarence and I worked on roofs. Put docks in both ends of Lower Clam trail. Gertrude Deringer came. Gertrude, Hazel and I at railroad all day and I worked in garden after 4 p.m.
I made porch on #8 (cabin), set #7’s dock, worked in garden, made screen door for #8.
Sunday – all hands loafed. (A day of rest.)
Monday – Clarence and I hauled logs.
Tuesday – Supply day. Got logs from river. Nasty day.
Wednesday – Hazel and I to Grandview (on the train) and return.
The next ten days show Howard, Clarence and George working on the dining cabin nonstop.
Then several family groups come to stay. He says, “13 of them. Wow”* He begins guiding for several days.
His writing after this looks like he is writing quickly as he records this party came and that party left and we guided this party on this lake and that party on that lake. Many entries begin with “all hands to Upper Clam”. The summer season on Camp Fire Island is in full swing.
*I wondered if I was reading the word “Wow” correctly, thinking it may not have been a word used in the early 1900’s. I learned that, yes, it became part of the vernacular in the late 1800’s.


Community Club Minutes

         June 23, 2014 Open Meeting Regarding Emergency Medical                           Services for Clam Lake Area

 Meeting called to order by President Andrea Krygoski at 7:00 pm. In attendance: Bud Rubek vice president (Julie), Patricia Dudley Treasurer, Bill MacLeod Secretary, Georgiana Fanella, Fred and Kish Hodgemen, Jim and Joan Wilbur, Brian and Danielle Brianic, Gail McDonnell, Ronna Pagenkopf, Mary Ann Reinders, Al Sawallish, John and Rada Cannon, Jerry and Lea Justice, Mary and Rayna Schier, Ace Griffaw. Guest Speakers: Jack McGregor, Great Divide Ambulance; Rob Pols paramedic coordinator (GDA); Candy financial coordinator (GDA); Doug Thorp Chairman Town of Gordon; Dan Allen supervisor Town of Gordon; Absent: Shaun Bonney Chairman Town of Shanagolden.
 President Krygoski introduced meeting agenda. Jack McGregor outlined current medical services provided by Glidden Four Town Fire Protection and introduced Rob Pols to present advantages of Great Divide Ambulance Service. The GDA comprises four townships; southern Grandview, Drummond, Cable and Namakagon approximately 357 square miles. It maintains a complete full time staff in Cable and is presently a model for all of Wisconsin. Jack and Rob handled questions regarding services while Candy explained possible financing options. After lengthly discussion Bill MacLeod moved to have Rob Pol present proposal for GDA to cover agreed western portion of Gordon Township with Town of Gordon and for the two entities to work out a mutual beneficial contract. Second by Andrea Krygoski. Unanimous approval. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.
 respectfully submitted, Bill MacLeod Secretary

Potluck Dinner/Meeting   06-12-14  

In the absence of the secretary and treasurer there were no reports given. An informal meeting was held.
 There was a discussion on the “White Elephant” to be held on Saturday, July 5 at 10am to?. There are all those old Community Club windows and what should we charge to make it a fair price for everyone? After a discussion Georgie Fanella made a motion to sell the windows $5 or 3/$10. The motion was seconded by Joy Heinlein. All agreed, motion passed.
 Fourth of July Fireworks: Bud will pick up the fireworks and Joy suggested that we fog the yard before the event. Everyone agreed.
 Dan Allen brought to our attention that it would be beneficial for the community club to purchase a first responder kit to keep at the firehouse. He also, stated that Rob Shurhawk is an EMT and could benefit from said kit. We could have a fundraiser, ie; a bake sale.
 Beth Francois brought up about having a (Rent-a-table) rummage sale. Karen Schmidt was also interested in this idea and the two will brainstorm and get back to the club next month.
 John Francois made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Bud. All agreed, meeting was adjourned.
 Submitted by;
 Andrea Krygoski


West Fork Waterway Association Inc.

West Fork Waterway Association Inc. is a a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization of concerned people for the preservation and protection of the historic West Fork Waterway and wildlife area for recreation and public enjoyment of its scenic beauty today and in the future. 

WFWA Inc. is on the West Fork of the Chippewa River and includes the area from the Day Lake Dam to the Highway 77 Dam. It is located in the community of Clam Lake, Township Of Gordon Wisconsin and assists the Township of Gordon in funding expenses related to the maintenance of the Highway 77 Dam.

Click Here to Help the West Fork Waterway Association Save the Dam!

Clam Lake, Wisconsin Area Events


4th of July Fireworks Show - Sat. July 5, 2014



September - Fall Elk Bugling

Elk bugling is a special feature of the fall rut usually starting in late August and running through late September in the Clam Lake, Wisconsin area. As the big bull elk prepare to attract female cows, they let out bellows, which range from deep tones to high-pitch squeals to grunts. On fall nights in the Chequamegon National Forest around Clam Lake, Wisconsin, the distinctive sounds of elk rutting can often be heard. Listen to the remarkable, unforgettable sounds of native, free ranging bull elk bugling in a Northern Wisconsin wilderness. If you've never heard the bugle of the bull elk during the fall rutting period, you are in for an experience that is at once thrilling and haunting. We invite you to join us in Clam Lake during the month of September and experience this unique event! You won't soon forget the sounds of elk bulging as they echo through the forest and across the lakes of Northern Wisconsin!

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