“It Was 20 Years Ago Today!”

In the late 90’s a group of Clam Lakers decided to put together a twice yearly newsletter that they titled the “Clam Lake Clippings”. Much work went into this bi-annual letter. It contained information on the area, upcoming events and historical write -ups.

Looking back to January and June of 1996 this is what was going on in Clam Lake according to the Clippings.


Clam Lake Fire Tower

The Clam Lake Fire Tower is at a 1522 foot elevation, providing views of more than a dozen lakes and the West Fork of the Chippewa River.


Clam Lake and the Wannigans

In affiliation with my writings on Camp Fire Island, I had the good fortune to become acquainted with Kim Potaracke, a Forest Archaeologist. She has archived the story of Camp Fire Island for us. She, in return, shared some early Clam Lake history with me that she had found.