Community Club Meetings & Minutes

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod at 5:16 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bud Rubeck, President, Ace Griffaw Vice President & Joan, Bill MacLeod  Secretary/Treasurer, Carl & Jean Kubley, Pat Dudley, Andrea Krygoski, Lynne Rice, Beverly Vadmais, Tom Dezotell, Ron & Colae Vecchie, Justin, Alana & Hudson Gerhardt, Alason Vecchie, Colin Hermann, Miss Beans, Mike & Inga Campbell and Andy.

Secretary Report: Minutes of the January 14th meeting were read. Move to accept by Andrea Krygoski and seconded by Lynne Rice. Approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account balance 01/14/16                             $ 4,610.24



Individual                                                                             $    300.00

Families                                                                               $    975.00

Donations                                                                           $ 2,105.00


$      -0-

Checking account balance 02/11/16                             $ 7,990.24


General Fund                                    $ 5,539.05

Building Fund                                    $ 2,451.19

Scholarship Fund                              $ 8,914.09


2016 Membership to date:

Individual                            Families                       Donations

(37)    370.00                         (49) 1,250.00 32          2,355.00               $3,975.00

The report was moved to accept by Pat Dudley and seconded by Joan Griffaw. Approved by all.

Old Business:

Andrea Krygoski requested a reorder of the outreach club cards. Bill said he would speak with Advance Printing. Approved by all.

New furnace has been installed. The cost is to be taken from the Building Fund and balance from the General Fund. Approved by all.

McFadden plaque honoring them for park land has been received and Bud will have it installed.

Bill brought up fireworks for 2016. Bud emphasized the club does not have the required set backs for a display. Possible solutions were discussed with no decision. Bill suggested everyone give more thought to the situation and it would be brought up at the March meeting. The club insurance policy exempts fireworks from our liability coverage.

New Business:

Bill had requested Mike Campbell to speak on his family’s winter visit to Clam Lake and any remarks on their country of Australia. He consented and will speak after potluck and before bingo.

There being no further business to conduct Andrea Krygoski moved and Tom Dezotell seconded to adjourn the meeting at 5:40 pm. All agreed.

Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.