Community Club Meetings & Minutes

Photo:  As we enter into the Clam Lake Community Club’s 81st year as Clam Lake’s civic organization we are reminded of it’s beginnings. Before the Club incorporated in 1937, it was known as the Clam Lake Community Association. This card represents that. If you are not a member, please consider joining. Price today is $10 per individual or $25 for a family membership. Payment can be sent to: The Clam Lake Community Club, Box 6, Clam Lake WI 54517. Thanks to all that have kept this organization going these past 80+ years.

January 2018 meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.

February 8th 2018 – Meeting and Pot Luck

The meeting was called to order by President Bud Rubeck with fifteen people attending. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Minutes of the November 9th meeting, taken by outgoing Secretary Bill MacLeod, were read by acting Secretary Lynne Rice and accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report from November 9th, done by outgoing Treasurer Bill MacLeod, were accepted as read.

The current Treasurer’s Report was read by acting Treasurer Julie Rubeck. These were accepted as read.

Old Business: Andrea reported that three outreach cards had been sent. Lynne gave an update on completed television interview and article in Bayfield Electric magazine.

New Business: It was agreed to purchase a plaque for Bill MacLeod to be placed on the Memorial Board in the Park in memory of all that he did for his community.

The new officers of Lynne Rice as Secretary and Julie Rubeck as Treasurer were approved. They will replace outgoing Secretary/Treasurer Bill MacLeod.

It was noted that the 2017 Annual Letter has been sent out. Julie commented that the response has been good.

It was agreed that Bill MacLeod be removed from the Clam Lake Community Club Inc. checking account. This was approved by all present. President Bud Rubeck is already on the account and it was agreed that the three remaining officers: Vice President Elmer Griffaw, Secretary Lynne Rice and Treasurer Julie Rubeck be put on the account. This was approved by all members present.

Discussion about obtaining a used fire proof file cabinet was discussed to secure the old Community Club records. This will be something to be kept in mind for the future, if and when, one should present itself.

The use of the Club building, free of charge, by the MacLeod family for Bill’s Memorial service on February 10th was approved.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:

:Lynne Rice
Secretary of the CLCC Inc.