Community Club Meetings & Minutes

February 9, 2017 Regular Meeting & Potluck

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod at 5:06 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bud Rubeck, President & Julie, Ace Griffaw, Vice President & Joan, Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer, Pat Dudley, Andrea Krygoski, Carl & Jean Kubley, Brian & Doris Johnson and Jane Eder.

Minutes of the January meeting were read and moved to accept by Andrea Krygoski, seconded by Pat Dudley. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:
Checking account balance 01/12/17 $ 3,493.67

Individual $ 160.00
Family $ 950.00

Fireworks $ 525.00
Donations $ 665.00
Kiosk Memorials (Stuebe family) $ 150.00
Clam Lake Scholarship Fund $ 500.00
Glidden Historical Society $ 500.00

Bayfield Electric (thru 01/01/17) $ 93.35
Apple Awards (Stuebe family) $ 12.66
Clam Lake Scholarship Fund $ 500.00
Glidden Historical Society $ 500.00

Checking account balance 02/09/17 $ 5,837.66
Fireworks ( 764.27)
Scholarship Fund $ 8,907.98

Motion to accept January report by Andrea Krygoski, seconded by Julie Rubeck. Motion carried.

Old Business:
Andrea reported two cards sent out.

Bud presented specifications for three different outside doors and asked attendees to indicate their choice before leaving. The cost is approximately $300 each. They will be ordered along with a new kitchen exhaust fan and installed this spring.

There being no new or further business to conduct it was moved by Andrea Krygoski to adjourn and seconded by Pat Dudley at 5:37 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.