Clam Lake News & Events

What a beautiful week in the Northwood’s this past week and on Sunday it was a fun day as the “Clam Lake Six” went off to Glidden to play Big Beef Bingo at the VFW. It started out a little rough when it came to marking our cards with the games to be played, but once Georgie got the hang of it we were off to a good start. Pat Dudley was the first winner and then Bonnie called out BINGO! Then it was Pat again, then Lynne and Bonnie, WOW! We were on a roll and then it stopped. Jane, Georgie and myself got really close but, we figure three out of six isn’t too bad. We all had a great time and are looking forward to next time….

Happy “Leap Year” Birthday to Don Eder who was born on February 29th!

Here are your friends and neighbors having March Birthday’s:

03/04 Claudia Johnson-Reinders

03/06 Beth Francois, Gregg Krugg

03/09 Tom Eder

03/10 Jim Lambert

03/11 Anna Rice, Rob Dezotell, Larry Miller

03/12 Barb Murphy, Audrey Hakes

03/13 Zach Higgins

03/20 Vera Biasi

03/22 Scott Straetz

03/23 Fred Hodgeman Sr.

03/25 Andy Dana Reinders

03/28 Dave Frasch, Barb Miller

03/29 Matt Francois

03/31 Georgie Fanella

Happy Birthday to You all!!

Anniversaries Wishes go out to Ace and Joan Griffaw who celebrate their day on 03/06!

The first day of Spring is March 20th. So, let’s all think Spring!!

Until Next time ….be kind!