Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Evening Readers!

We start out this week with an apology to Don Castro..Of all the birthdays I could get wrong last it was Don’s…He celebrates his special day on May 31st..Not the 21st! So, sorry for the mistake!!

The next Clam Lake Community Potluck will be held on Thursday, May 11th at 5pm…So, mark that date down and scour you recipes and hope to see you there!!

It is so hard to watch the weather these days, one day it’s good the next day it’s bad..Where’s Spring? I guess we will have to hold out for the weekends and pray…

On a sad note: Ann Germanson passed away on April 22, at her home in Milwaukee..We all send our Thoughts and Prayers to her family and friends..

Ann being an avid swimmer would swim gracefully in the evening waters of Lower Clam Lake..I can remember watching her while we sat by the campfire..My Sincerest Sympathies to her Family..

Until next time..Be Kind!