Clam Lake News & Events

Good Monday Morning Readers!

I hope you are all well this morning..It looks like it’s going to be a very dreary day’s suppose to be high near 68 today. We’ll have to see about that.. The next Clam Lake Community Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday September 14 at 5pm. There will be a short meeting then dinner..then “high-stakes” Bingo featuring a Hollywood game night prize..If you want to know what it’s all about you’ll just have to attend!

Bill MacLeod recently enjoyed a visit from his daughter Becky, her husband Joel and their beautiful daughter Ireland..The trio made the trip from Shawno to spend a few days with Dad and enjoyed a Saturday morning breakfast at the Elkhorn…

John and Beth Francois enjoyed a visit from Mike Katz from Green Bay last week..John and Mike hit Spider Lake and Mike was an angler as he caught fish after fish some small some keepers…They sure made a good meal and Mike really enjoyed his visit.

The RMEF Bugle Days Rendezvous are right the corner..They festivities begin on Friday 9-8 and the dinner is Saturday is 9-9, the Breakfast is 9-10..If you would would like to make reservations for any of the events you can call Jennifer Nieland at 1-920-434-1229 or e-mail her at Don’t forget to mark those dates down…

September Birthday and Anniversary Wishes go out to:
9-1 Lisa Street
9-2 Jeri Cornell, Judi Van Camp
9-3 Kelly Griffaw-Williams
9-5 Shirley Kohnen
9-6 Mason Hollister
9-7 Shiloh Gifford
9-8 Connie Weiner
9-11 Richard Hogue
9-14 Bob Schmidt, Craig Neilson
9-15 Jacob Miroslaw
9-16 Janet McCloud, Pete Eickermann, Brooke Swearingen
9-18 Dan Allen
9-19 Steve Alf
9-27 Tammy McFadden, Linda Glafcke
9-28 Jim Wilbur, Taylor McFadden
9-30 Ron Vecchie, Debra Higgins, Greg Reinders
9-2 Ron & Cheryl Miller celebrate their 50th anniversary!
9-2 Chris & Kelly Williams
9-19 John & Beth Francois
9-23 Brian & Tawnya Hulstrom
9-25 Clark Jr, & Kathleen Jorgenson

No matter what you are celebrating we all hope it was happy!!

This Saturday, September 2 is the last mass for this season at St. George’s Chapel. With That said the dedication in on June 21, 1949 was very well attended by church officials which made the dedication even more special..On hand for that day were Most Rev. Albert G. Meyer, STD, Bishop of the Diocese of Superior. Rev. Father Weber, Celebrant; Rev. John Kauer, Mellen, Deacon; George Heinzen, Park Falls, subdeacon; Rev, Harold Roth, Sanborn, Master of Ceremonies.

The parishioners from Clam Lake at the dedication were: Ed and Ruth Ehmann, Felix,Marie and son Leonard Menke, Joe and Luella Renzelmann and sons Joseph and Jerry, Anna M. Neeser, Howard and Hazel Scotford and son Taylor, Charles and Irene Thekan, Henry and Mamie Zillig and daughter Betty Snyder and Art Zurawski

The stained glass windows were donated by the Roscoe Family in memory of Aimee Roscoe and George Henry (buddy) Zillig..

As you can see a lot of love from the Clam Lake Community went into the building and keeping the chapel open for for all these years and in 2019 she will celebrate her 70th year! Let’s all pray she remains to have mass every summer until then…

Remember Be Kind this week…Untl next time…