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Hello Clam Lake!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

After last week’s temps of below zero this week proved to be a welcome relief from the bitter cold as temps went into the high 30’s and even some 40 degree days. Dripping became the order of the day as a glimmer of what is to come hit. I’m sure winter isn’t done with us yet but, these breaks are nice to have! And, of course, we still have plenty of snow for the winter sports enthusiasts whom are heading up here after trails have been closed further south due to lack of snow. Bring it we say!

FOREST RIDERS DONATION: Remember that you can donate a dollar (or more!) towards the Clam Lake Forest Riders Snowmobile Club when shopping at the Clam Lake Junction. If making a purchase in the Junction you may be asked if you wish to donate a dollar towards the Snowmobile Club. If so, all the cashier has to do is hit the donate key and done! In this way the funds donated can be kept track of safely and easily. The Clam Lake Forest Riders are a very hard working club whom spend the winters keeping the trails groomed and cleared so our community can reap the rewards of an active snowmobile season – which this year it has definitely been! Of course, it’s not necessary to make a purchase to donate. Just say you wish to donate a dollar and it will be recorded. Thank you!!!!! And thank the Forest Riders for all they do!!!!

HISTORY MOMENT: Taken from a February 1947 edition of the Glidden Enterprise – “Clam Lake Telephone Project Surveyed – During the past year or more, the Clam Lake Community Club Inc. and the Glidden Community Club have been endeavoring to get a telephone line established between the two communities. During the war, the matter had been kept up to date by both organizations but, not until now has a definite investigation been made of the project. Mr. Adams, of the Commonwealth Telephone Company, talked over the matter with representatives of the local community and then went to Clam Lake where he had a meeting to explain how the project would be handled. If the Commonwealth finds the plan impracticable at this time the Clam Lake people are determined to find some other way out of their present isolation as far as telephone service is concerned. If the project should go forward the Clam Lake people would be put on several party lines operated by the Glidden exchange. It has been suggested that an arrangement between the Federal Forest Service, whom maintain a line to Clam Lake, and the company could be made for the use of the lines. Telephone communication between Glidden and Clam Lake would be of considerable advantage. The latter would have a convenience, lack of which has often caused considerable expense, while for Glidden it would mean much in a business way.” This project, for whatever reason, never got off the ground with Clam Lake not getting telephone service until 1954. It was provided by Chequamegon Telephone at that time.

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Pictured is the “once upon a time” telephone booth that once sat outside the Texaco Station in Clam Lake during the Tricycle Race of the 1980’s.