Clam Lake News & Events

This past week we saw a lot of below zero weather.. and by the end of this week it is suppose to return. This is typical January weather they say but, that does not mean we should dislike it any less… Just remember everyday we are one day closer to Spring!

Info from the Clam Lake Forest Riders Snowmobile Club:
Their next Meat Raffle will take place this Saturday, January 14th. Time is from 3-5pm. Place is Deb’s Y-Go-By in Downtown Clam Lake. Deb and Roger will offer a $.50 off drink special during the raffle… All the proceeds from the raffle will help the Snowmobile Club defray the cost of maintaining the groomer, groomer’s shed and the grooming of Trail 9A (Jack Dudley Memorial Trail). If you feel lucky and would like to fill your freezer and have a good time…Then head on down to Deb’s on Saturday…

The next monthly Potluck Dinner/Meeting will be held this Thursday, January 12 at 5pm. Everyone is Welcome to attend. So, bake up a tasty treat and come join the Clam Laker’s that attend…

A Note from our Secretary Bill MacLeod:
Christmas Party Dec. 08, 2016
In the spirit of the holiday season the regular monthly meeting was not held in order to enjoy the array of food and drink that was brought by the following attendees:

Bud and Julie Rubeck, Ace and Joan Griffaw, Bill MacLeod, Jerry and Lea Justice, Dan Allen, Kathy Erickson, Andrea Krygoski, Pat Dudley, Lynne Rice, Jane Eder, Carl and Jean Kubley, Brian and Doris Johnson. A number participated in the gift exchange and this together with general jovial visiting added to the festivities. We all enjoyed a visit from Ron Vadnais accompanied by his Mom, Bev who just stopped by to say hello to the party goers.. The hall was decorated by Pat and Andrea and was greatly appreciated….

Try and stay warm this week…Until next time..Be Kind!