Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

The weather this past week, aside from one very warm day, has been on the mild side although we did have high winds again on Thursday. Then it was “batten down the hatches” time. At this point we could use some rain. Doesn’t take long for the forest to dry out especially if it gets warm and windy. (As of press time warm weather was moving in.)

ST. GEORGE’S CHAPEL: Mass is celebrated every Saturday at 6:00 pm at our historic “Chapel in the Woods”. Come pray with us and take a step back in time to a simpler era as you worship in our log cabin chapel built in 1948. Our slogan – “No Vacation from God’s Service!”

MARK THOSE CALENDARS: Clam Lake’s 2022 4th of July celebrations will be held at the Clam Lake Community Club on Sunday, July 3rd . Along with our typical spectacular fireworks display, refreshments, popcorn and barbecues will be available. Time to start warming up those “oohs and ahhs!”

SAVE THE DATE REMINDER: This Wednesday June 22nd Ashland County will be holding their 2th annual Cleansweeps Program at the Northwood Technical College in the south parking lot at 2100 Beaser Ave from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Toxic and hazardous products will be accepted as will medications and prescription drugs. They will trade you “Drugs for Donuts”. Good deal!

ELK CALF UPDATE: The elk calf search for 2022 will be nearing it’s completion (for the most part) this week. Every morning, since May 21st – Monday thru Sunday, Elk Biologist Josh Spiegel and his team have been meeting with volunteers at the Clam Lake Community Club promptly at 8:00 am to head out into the forest to look for calves. As always, it’s been a series of hits and misses with some of the calves being old enough to get up and move about, at which time they become harder to collar, and some refusing to be found. One particularly feisty calf led Josh on a merry 200 yard dash down a gravel road with another deciding to jump into a bog with Josh having to swim in water up to his neck to retrieve it. Mainly (thankfully!) the calves that have been collared have been very young and lying down when found. For the volunteers, it has been a very exciting adventure with some of the lucky ones being rewarded with the finding of a newborn calf. I’m sure most would consider it an experience of a life time and one they were proud to be a part of. We thank them for their assistance in helping further the research that has provided us with a healthy and growing elk herd for the past 27 years. Thank you!! (As a side note: Josh said, as of last week, 10 calves have been collared with him having verified another 8, bringing the tally of newborns near to the expected amount with some still unaccounted for.)

(CAUTION: As of press time it has been brought to my attention that a pair of baby loons have hatched on Upper Clam. Remember, it is against the law to harrass or follow loons too closely so please take care and be considerate when out boating. More next week!)

Until next week…..

Pictured is Bob Grundl, an off duty DNR person from Waukesha, whom was among a group that found the first calf of the season on May 22nd near Day Lake. (Photo courtesy of Dave Frasch whom was also in the group.) Also pictured is a calf that was found near Highbridge and is being tended to by elk biologist Josh Spiegel and his assistant Ryley Hanson. (Photo credited to Bridget Burns of White Bass Lake whom was part of the group of volunteers. Photo of Highbridge calf in field taken by Josh Spiegel DNR.)