Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

BOOK CLUB REMINDER – The Clam Lake Book Club will be holding their next meeting on Tuesday, July 9th at Ransoms Place. Meetings alternate between Ransoms and the Elkhorn. The book being discussed at the July meeting will be “The Secret Life of Sunflowers” by Marta Molnar. They wish to extend an invitation to all to join them for some “lively discussion, camaraderie, tasty good and inspiring libation”. Food and drink are available for purchase before, during and after the meetings.

ST. GEORGE – Every Saturday, during the summer season, Mass is celebrated at our historic St. George Chapel at 6:00 pm. We welcome all to come and enjoy a walk back in time to a simpler era in our log cabin chapel as you worship.

MARK THOSE CALENDARS– This year, Clam Lake will hold their 4th of July celebrations on Saturday July 6th at the new Clam Lake Community Center. The food being offered will be hot dogs, sloppy joes, popcorn and donuts. There will also be soda, beer and water available for purchase. The “Big Show” will begin around dusk so get those “Oohs and ahhs” ready! It promises to be a great one!!! As always. We wish to thank all those that are working to make this the great success it always has been. Thank you!

“WHO YOU GONNA CALL? SNAKE BUSTERS!” As many of us living in the forest know, life can be challenging when it comes to dealing with the various critters we share our living space with. Those of us that live in the deep, deep woods, such as myself, often find the creatures of the forest all but literally knocking on our doors. For me lately, this has been dealing with pine snakes that have chosen my outside steps as their ideal sunning spot. I do realize they have their place in our environment and have no wish to harm them. Rather, I would just like them to find a better place to rest and relax other than where I have to walk. I thought removal and relocation would be the best solution so “who you gonna call?” The answer came in the form of Randy Sersch – known as Gandhi by all. Gandhi is a real man of the forest and has great knowledge of the many creatures that we share our world with as he runs his Clam Lake Guide and Taxidermy business. After a call to him he arrived to do the relocation. With no harm done to the snake, he easily lifted it up and took it for a ride a few miles away where it can continue it’s life away from the drudgeries of humanity. Here is a little background information on this formidable yet not dangerous reptile. “Wisconsin does not have true pine snakes, but it does have a snake that is often called a pine snake, the western fox snake. Fox snakes are non-venomous and can be found in Wisconsin. They are often confused with rattlesnakes and copperheads due to their coloration and size. This snake, athough typically between three and five foot in length can reach a length of six foot.” They are Mother Nature’s own version of rodent control and can be very useful for that. Although, as I watched a bouncy little chipmunk darting in and out of my steps as the snake relaxed I thought…hmmm…..Did I just hear the refrains of “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”?

Time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in July a very happy day! They are:

July 1st – Bud Rubeck and Bob Bay
July 2nd – Barb (Busch) Faude (turning 89 years young!)
July 4th – Austin Reukema
July 5th – Makala Reukema and Steve Rembos
July 7th – Brian Hulstrom, Braden Miroslaw and Skylar Eder
July 8th – Elaine Bailey, Pat Reinders and Brittany Fanella
July 9th – Kathy Fouks
July 18th – Brian Johnson
July 19th – John Francois and Tina (Ferguson) Mess
July 21st – Kevin Cornell
July 22nd – Bonnie Reukema, Tom Dezotell and Levi McFadden
July 23th – Alason (Vecchie) Peter and Evalyn Frasch
July 24 – Matthew Markee and Karen Schauer
July 25th – Bob Bailey and Amanda Roquemore
July 26th – Sue Eickermann and Marlene Hogue
July 27th – Abby Ward
July 30th – Scott Miller
July 31st – Tammy Hollister

The only couple celebrating a wedding anniversary in July are Dave and Julie Kronbar on July 6th. We with them the best!

Until next week…..

Pictured is Gandhi (Randy Sersch) holding my former “neighbor” in lieu of relocation.