Clam Lake News & EventsMemorial Day 2019

Hello Clam Lake!

Happy Memorial Day to one and all! We extend a thank you to all those that serve and have served to keep us safe and protected. This is the opening of the summer season and a time of remembrance of those gone before.

Memorial Day weekend in Clam Lake equals one word: BUSY!!! And we were! Great to see the return of the summer people and tourists. Everyone had a great weekend!!!!

Pickle Ball update: Games will return to last year’s popular time slot – Tuesdays at 10 am – dependent on the weather. Rain (or snow!) play is cancelled. Come join us for a game or a visit – whichever you prefer. No pressure…..

Congratulations go out to Brooklyn Hanson, the daughter of Terry and Michelle Hanson, of Glidden. She is the recipient of this year’s Clam Lake Community Scholarship. We wish her well in her future endeavors! This is our 18th year of awarding Clam Lake’s scholarship. Thanks to all those that have continued to make this a successful program to help young people meet their educational goals.

NOTICE from The West Fork Waterway Association, Inc.: The West Fork Waterway Association, Inc. invites its members and the general public to its Annual Membership Meeting on June 15, 2019 at 10am at the Clam Lake Community Club. The West Fork Waterway Association’s mission is to preserve and protect the historic West Fork Waterway and wildlife area that flows through Clam Lake for recreation and public enjoyment of its scenic beauty today and in the future. Through the dedicated support of its members and generous donations, the 501(c)(3) organization is successfully pursuing its mission for the past 6 years but we still need your help. The West Fork Waterway Association is actively seeking to grow its membership. Interested in learning more or joining our board of directors, we invite you to our meeting on June 15th. You can also visit to view an aerial video of the West Fork Waterway and get more info about the organization’s efforts.

REMINDER: St. George’s is open once again! Mass is held Saturdays at 4:00 pm. Come pray with us in our historic log cabin church.

This section I am calling, “Things That Go Bump in the Night”. Those “things”, this time of year are bears. Last Monday, around eleven I woke up to hear something going “bump in the night”. I got up, flipped on the outside lights – nothing. Went back to bed, all was quiet, then I heard it again. This time I went to the window, saw a moving mass of black across the drive, so scurried to the lights and flipped them on. Busted! There was the big bruin testing my garage (where my trash was) for entry. Once the lights were on and stayed on (all night!) he left. Time to bring those hummer feeders in for the night!
Till next week….

Pictured is the 2019 Memorial Day service held in the Clam Lake Cemetery.