Community Club Meetings & Minutes

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod at 5:12 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bud Rubeck, President, Ace Griffaw, Vice President & Joan, Bill Mac Lead, Secretary/Treasurer, Andrea Krygoski, Carl & Jean Kubley, Bev Vadnais, Lynne Rice, John Cannon, Tom Dezotell and Jane Eder.

Minutes of the July 14th meeting were read and moved to accept by John Cannon and seconded by Joan Griffaw. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report 8/10/17
Checking account balance July 13, 2017 $ 6,663.38
Individual $. 10.00
Beverages $. 44.00
Camp Fire Island $. 40.00
Jerry Justice (popcorn) $. 20.37
Clam Lake Property Management $. 504.49
State of WI-Dept Financial Institutions
Non-stock Corp/Limited liability $. 25.00
Clam Lake Junction (buns/water/oil&popcorn) $. 18.61
Apple Awards (blackboard plaques) $. 21.00

Checking account balance August 10, 2017 $ 6,167.91
Scholarship fund $ 9,407.98

Checking account balance August 10, 2017 $ 6,167.91
Family $. 25.00
Individual $ 10.00
Refund (WI. Dept. Financial Institutions) $. 15.00
Bayfield Electric Coop (thru 8/1/17) $. 114.82
Bayfield Electric Coop (thru 9/1/17) $ 110.83
U.S. Postal Service (Box 6) $ 52.00
West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. (9/15/17-9/15/18) $ 2,131.00

Checking account balance September 14, 2017 $ 3,809.26
Scholarship Fund $ 9,407.98

Motion to accept the report by Andrea Krygoski seconded by Lynne Rice. Motion carried.

Old Business:
Andrea reported sending one out reach card.
Lynne up dated attendees on Glidden Historical Society’s building project.
Bud reported estimates for new roof. $2,450 labor & $3,000 material. After a discussion it was unanimously agreed to solicit membership donations for this major expense. Bill was instructed to send a letter. Bud will schedule work to be done before winter.

New Business:

Bill presented his concerns with the current Clubhouse Use Agreement and requested input from attendees at the October meeting. He will present his update at that time.

The 2017 officers and directors were unanimously re-elected for 2018.

There being no new or further business to conduct it was moved by Tom Dezotell to adjourn and seconded by Andrea Krygoski at 5:48 pm. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.