2017 Annual Letter

Dear Members:

I begin this letter by addressing the loss of our Secretary/Treasurer Bill MacLeod. Bill was an active member of the Club, dating back to when he moved here in the 80’s. He saw us through the raising of funds to build our Firehouse and oversaw many other projects during his tenure. He will be missed and we are grateful for all he did for his community.

I, Lynne Rice, will be assuming his duties as Secretary of the Club. Julie Rubeck will be the Treasurer.

The Clam Lake Community Inc. has existed since 1937. It is the Civic organization of our village with the present Community Club building built in 1941. We express gratitude to all that have helped to keep the Club functioning these past 81 years.

2017 saw us with 120 paid memberships. The cost of membership is $10 per adult or $25 for a family membership.

The following 2017 accomplishments were taken from Bill’s notes:

This year saw a variety of improvemnts to the Club. Thanks to Bud Rubeck and his crew the Club building saw the installation of new doors.

The restroom floor tiles were removed by Lea and Jerry Justice in readiness for new flooring to be laid down in the future.

The 4th of July celebration, held on July 1st, was a financial and social success. Many “oohs” and “ahhhs” were present. Thanks to all that make this event a continued success.

Lynne Rice has donated $1,000 to date, through the sale of her book “Camp Fire Island”. This is done in the name of our founders, Howard and Hazel Scotford.

Lynne and her brother, David Holter, are working on a Clam Lake exhibit to be housed in the new museum opening in 2018 at historic Marion Park in Glidden.

The “new roof drive” was a resounding success. The roof having been replaced before the first snow. Thanks to all who contributed to that.

The Club Use Agreement has been revised and was approved by all members present.

The 2018 Fireworks will be held on Saturday July 7th.

This year’s Scholarship recipient was Ashley Pankratz of Glidden (Chad and Tina Pankratz). She is attending UW Baron County working towards a business degree.

To keep abreast of what the Club is doing you may go to News and Events on www.clamlakewi.com

Monthly meetings and Pot Lucks are held the second Thursday of every month. Meeting at 5:00 p.m., social at 5:30 with potluck at 6:00 or sooner.

We hope to see you there!

President: Bud Rubeck 715-794-2479 info@clamlakewi.com
Vice President: Ace Griffaw 715-794-2483 ace3@cheqnet.net
Secretary: Lynne Rice 715-794-2448 lmrice@cheqnet.net
Treasurer: Julie Rubeck 715-794-2479 info@clamlakewi.com

Clam Lake Community Club Inc.
P.O. Box 6
Clam Lake Wisconsin 54517