Community Club Meetings & Minutes

This was an informal informational meeting to discuss the 2021 4th of July celebrations which will be held on Saturday July 3rd at the Clam Lake Community Club.

This is the Club’s first meeting since the shut down of 2020.

Julie Rubeck gave a run down of the Club’s finances.

Bud has ordered the fireworks so all is set in that regard.

Lea and Jerry Justice will man the beer shed along with Dennis and Bonnie Booth. Lea will also furnish the barbecues and will contact Lyn Hartl at the Junction about buying supplies there.

Ace has ordered the beer and soda from the Junction. Mr. Hartl has agreed to the same set up as Tammy did in the past allowing us to return unopened refreshments that are not sold.

The Griffaw family will make the popcorn. Ace will look into renting a popcorn machine from M&M Rental in Hayward. They furnish everything. We will also use our popcorn machine which works but, doesn’t keep up with the demand. So, it was decided to use both.

The purchase of wireless speakers was addressed and agreed to. Jerry Justice will look into ordering those.

The Special Event Liquor License has been applied for from the Town of Gordon and will be sent out to us.

There was also some discussion as to the status of the ambulance service here in Clam Lake.

It was decided to resume regular Community Club meetings on Thursday July 8th starting at 6:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned.