Historical Snippets

The holiday season is once more upon us and with it comes memories of “Christmas Past”.

The Clam Lake Community Club has been the site of many Christmas parties during its 78 years of existence. Children of all ages were always celebrated and remembered by Mr. Claus. Since all Clam Lake children were on the “nice list” Santa’s red bag held gifts for everyone.

Here is a list of the gifts he presented to the children of 1958:

Carolyn Makovec              Age 17                Blouse
Janet Mathey                     Age 16                Blouse
Rren Canfield                    Age 14                Blouse
Gene Rosentrreter             Age 17                Socks
John Makovec                   Age 13                Belt
Billie Makovec                  Age 13                Hand warmer
Ray Mathey                       Age 12                Hand warmer
Eugene Makovec                                          Bottle Game
Pat Canfield                       Age 9                  Hockey Stick
John Allen Stuebe              Age 14                Flashlight
Mickey Dumanch              Age 9                  Gum Ball Bank
Robin Dumanch                Age 5                   Peg Table and Paints
Dorena Canfield                Age 6                   Potato Head and Paints
Sandra Linenfeldser          Age 6                   Potato Head and Paints
Julie Gile                           Age 11                 Jewelry Box
Jill Mathey                        Age 3                   Drum

Pictured are some of the Clam Lake children of the 1990’s with Santa (Dave Frasch).

Left side of Santa: Sarah Reukema, Jill Eder, Tammy Eder, Jackie Eder, Anna Rice, Kayla Dudley and Amanda Roquemore.

Right side of Santa: Nate Rice, Richard Reukema, Joel Eder and Tom Eder.