Historical Snippets

Jan Sharp, daughter of Dexter and Peggy Sharp, shared this wonderful photo with me. It features the women of Clam Lake circa 1930.

The early women of Clam Lake did not have it easy, to put it mildly. Yet, here they are! dressed in flapper attire with rows of pearl necklaces as ornament. Their hair done in the style of the day, looking for all the world like the cast of Downton Abbey set down in the middle of the forest.

The beauty of this photo is that it is so natural. They are laughing, looking this way and that, obviously having a good time. What the event or social gathering was, is lost to time, but, their moment has been captured for us to enjoy.

I wish to thank Tom and Joy Stuebe, Kay Schmidt (granddaughter of Walter and Alma Stuebe), Barb Faude and Jan for helping to identify most of these women. They all would have lived or had summer homes on Upper Clam Lake.

Here they are;

Top row starting on the left: Alma Stuebe (wife of Walter Stuebe), Unknown, Barbara Beimdicke (wife of Capt. Beimdicke and Aunt to Pearl Accola), Clara Stuebe (wife of Alfred Stuebe), Virginia Stuebe (wife of Clarence Stuebe, Mother to Joy and Tom, Grandmother to Cher Cofrin), Meta Mueller (sister of Alma Stuebe – Alma and Meta’s maiden name was Rosentreter. Their brother was married to Florence Rosentreter, who was a longtime Clam Lake resident.)

Bottom row starting on the left: Unknown, Lorraine Scotford as a child (daughter of Howard and Hazel), Evelyn Busch (wife of Clarence – C.J. Busch –  and Mother to Barbara Faude), Myra Nyberg (sister to Hazel Scotford), Eileen Scotford as a young teen (daughter of Howard and Hazel), Tillie Scott (wife of Charlie Scott and great Aunt to Jan Sharp) and Beth Person (Jan’s grandmother).

Thanks ladies of the past for sharing your moment with us.