Community Club Meetings & Minutes

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer at 5:14 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bill MacLeod, Ace & Joan Griffaw, Patricia Dudley, Jean & Carl Kubley, Len & Joy Heinlein, Cherly Cofrin, Carol Plotkowski, Cindy Buryanek, John & Beth Francois, John Cannon & Rahda Paramaysuri, Dan Allen, Kathy Erickson.

Minutes of the June 11th meeting were read. Moved and seconded by Pat Dudley and Joy Heinlein and approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account balance 6/11/15     $ 6,435.60


Membership            25.00

Deb’s (fireworks)     50.00

CL Forest Riders (fireworks)   100.00

Lynne Rice (Fire Island Book) [$500]        200.00

Juke – 38.50 / Beverage 15.00                   53.50

4th July fireworks donations                       206.82

4th Beverage                                             289.00



Town of Gordon (beverage licenses)                            10.00

West Fork Waterway Association, Inc.                          50.00

Bayfield Electric                                                             85.78

Walmart (56.33 lbs pork @ 1.969)                 110.97

Clam Lake Junction (4th beverages)            146.20

Checking account balance 7/9/15               $ 6,956.97

Building Fund                     2,596.17

General Fund                     4,360.80

Scholarship Fund               8,914.09

The report was moved and seconded by John Cannon and Ace Griffaw and approved by all.

Old Business:

The 4th fireworks were a great success and thanks were expressed to the volunteers who made it happen.

There was a ground depression by the septic field Ace pointed out to Bill which Bud investigated with Rassmussen & Sons and turned out to be old sunken dry pits. They have been filled in and our septic/leaching field has been determined. The cement truck will not be able to reach beverage shed for scheduled work & Bud is working out alternate plans. Suggested tiles were voted down.

Outreach Program has lapsed due to Andrea’s hospitalization but suggestions were made to Bill who will send out cards in the interim. A plant will be sent to Andrea for a past president’s welcome home.

Bill reported on the Third Annual Reunion Picnic. Ace and he will complete collection on the chinese raffle with help from Cheryl Cofrin. Richard Anderson will provide music; Men’s Fellowship will lend tent; Karl Schmidt will lend corn cooker; Deb is lending the wheel and John Novitske has given the club a new PA system. Volunteers have been requested for kitchen and beverage shed consisting of 2 shifts 11:00 to 2:00 and 2:00 to 5:00. Beverage prices will remain the same as the 4th July. Pat Dudley is heading up the kitchen along with yours truly.

Lynne Rice is working to complete picture display in clubhouse with the help of the Justices and Bud Rubeck.

New Business:

Beth Francois is organizing a rummage sale at the clubhouse for the 17th of July, Friday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Any member interested can get in touch with her at 715 794-2588.

Ace asked about clearing a larger area for fireworks and Bill recommended they have further discussions with Bud and fireworks volunteers.

There being no further business to conduct Ace Griffaw moved to adjourn seconded by Bill MacLeod at 5:45 pm. All agreed.

Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.