Clam Lake News & Events

Good afternoon Readers!

It’s a beautiful Sunday, perfect for the Father’s Day Picnic and a belated Father’s Day to all the people who have cared for their children, man or woman….

The next big event in our Northwood’s is 4th of July. The Clam Lake Fireworks will be on Saturday, July 4th at Dusk! Please bring a blanket or a chair and some bug dope. Even though the yard will have been sprayed there might be a few bugs there. Also, the donation cans are all over town so, please be generous. Your donation helps defray the cost of the fireworks…..

The next big event in Clam Lake is the August Fest. This event takes place on Saturday August 8th.  The date had to be changed due to other community events that conflicted with the 3rd week in August. So, remember that date! If you have a few spare minutes and would like to help out please give Bill Mac Leod at 715-794-2578……

I would like to wish my Mom, Paulene Castro a very happy 80th Birthday!  She celebrates her special day on Tuesday June 23rd…. Love you Mom!

The next Elk Country Atv Ride is on July 11th, leaving the Elkhorn at 9am. This ride will take you to Northern Lure and Cayuga. For more info please call Rick Guthman at 715-134-2298 and he’ll provide you  all the info you need!

Last Friday was the place to be if you were Cher, Care, Joy, my sister Paula and myself. We had a great lunch prepared by Deb and Roger. The company was great, the conversation was divine, it was a great time…….

Until next time….Be kind!