Community Club Meetings & Minutes

June 9, 2016
Regular Meeting & Potluck

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod at 5:08 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bud Rubeck, President, Ace Griffaw, Vice President & Joan, Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer, Jerry & Lea Justice, Bob & Karen Schmidt, Pat Dudley, Andrea Krygoski, Len and Joy Heinlein, Cheryl Cofrin, Carol Plotkowski, Lynne Rice, Mike Dumholt, and Brian Bowman.
Minutes of the May 12th meeting were read. Moved to accept by Andrea Krygoski, seconded by Pat Dudley. Motioned carried.


Treasurer’s Report:
Checking account balance 05/12/16 $ 6,187.33

Individual $ 20.00
Donations $ 10.00
Clam Lake Storage (Justices) $ 100.00
Ella Stevens $ 25.00
James “Coby” Shaw $ 500.00
RMEF 2016 Elk Kiosk grant $ 500.00
Bayfield Electric Coop [5/31/16] $ 97.09
Town of Gordon (Class “B” permit 7/3/16) $ 5.00
Chippewa Valley Bank (dep slips $20 – cks $48.70 $ 68.70
Wartgow Construction (top soil) $ 633.00
Spielbauer Fireworks $ 1,800.00

Checking account balance 06/09/16 $ 4,738.54
Scholarship Fund $ 8,914.09

Motion to accept by Joan Griffaw, seconded by Lea Justice. Motioned carried.

Old Business:
Andrea reported no new outreach cards sent.
Bill reported approximately 25 non renewal club memberships and asked if a second post card reminder would be acceptable. All in attendance agreed. Bill will post them this month.

Bud reported backyard landscaping complete and assembly of fireworks mortar launchers are finalized. Jerry & Lea Justice together with Brian Bowman will run the beverage shed starting at 8:00 pm, Sunday July 3rd. Lea offered to provide BBQ and Joan Griffaw will have popcorn for sale. The PA system will be used to encourage attendees to donate toward the event.

Bill reported the West Fork Waterway Association annual meeting will be held at clubhouse, Saturday, June 18th and said further information posted on board.

The clubhouse will be in use by the Todd Wiener family this Saturday.

New Business:
Lynne Rice brought in the finished Stuebe family photo exhibit which will be at clubhouse for the summer.
August will be the 75th year of the clubhouse and ideas are requested for July meeting to celebrate the event.
Lynne Rice reported the 2016 Clam Lake Community Scholarship recipient was Kylan Stoiber of Glidden (Mike and Deb Stoiber). She will be attending the U. Green Bay in a collaborative program with the Bellin College of Nursing. Her goal is to become a pediatric oncology nurse.
Mike Dumholt would like to donate a memorial to his parents, Elmer and Loretta Dumholt, and requested if it could be in the form of a scholarship. Bob Schmidt also would like to participate in a scholarship program. Bill referred them to Lynne Rice and Jerry Justice who are members of the Scholarship Committee.
There being no further business to conduct Andrea Krygoski motioned and was seconded by Bud Rubeck to adjourn. Motion carried at 5:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.