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Happy Halloween!

I know I’m a day late but, I’m sure somewhere someone has had to try to hide the candy and bring their child down from a severe sugar high.. I can remember the days of the Clam Lake Community Halloween Parties the Eder kids: Jill, Jacki, Tami, Joel and Tommy..the Rice kids: Anna and Nate.. kids: Tawnya and Mike.. Amanda Roquemore..Margaret Schier..the Reukema kids: Richard and Sarah..the Cornell kids Kevin and Chris..Griffaw kids: Kim and Kelly all dressed up in their finest costumes playing games like Limbo, Musical Chairs and Bobbing for Apples..Everyone had a great time! I never did Thank Janey Eder or Lynne Rice for taking the kids from house to house for all those years while I stayed home and handed out candy..So, THANK YOU, SO MUCH! We were all very community minded back then, very involved…I’d like to think we still we still are..

Next Thursday November 9th is the Community Potluck Supper at 5pm.. So, bake up a tasty treat and come join your friends and neighbors for good food and great conversation..

Here are the November Birthdays and Anniversaries:
11/02 Richard Reukema
11/06 Patti Renzelmann
11/09 Allisa Ward
11/10 Cody Fecker
11/11 Ace Griffaw
11/13 Chris Ferda
11/16 Kate Alden
11/17 Becca Biasi
11/18 Kari Jo Ford
11/21 Kris Guthman, Tom Biasi (65!)
11/28 Ron Miller, Mary Schier
11/30 Hudson William Gerhardt turns 2!
11/09 Carl and Iona Guthman celebrate 71 years of wedded bliss together..

Until next time…Be KIND and Be GRATEFUL…