Clam Lake News & Events

Happy Monday!

As we start this week that marks mid October we are enjoying some nice days, yesterday the mercury settled at 79 degrees in Hayward. We did not get that warm as the mercury at my house was 73 degrees! Anyway it was a beautiful day. I hope you all enjoyed it…..

I have some community club news to share. At the last meeting Kathie Erickson gave an exceptional talk on the signs and symptoms of a stroke and the procedure to follow. Rob Puls followed with information on the Great Divide Ambulance who services our area. Rob asked the group if they would be interested in a presentation on how to use a defib. Everyone agreed so, Rob will be back for the November meeting.

Bud said that the cement work around the shed will be done shortly, within a few weeks.

Lynne Rice reported that the Glidden Area Historical Society plans to build a new facility and has suggested that Clam Lake would like to be part of their program. They agree and Lynne suggested that anyone interested should join the society for $20. Lynne will provide a few photos for the Clam Lake section, while keeping some photos on the board at the community club. Next Potluck will be on Thursday November 12 at 5pm. Ron will give his presentation after the meeting and before potluck.

There seems to be a lot going at the community club, if you did not attend then you really missed out!

Enjoy the week!

Until next time ….be kind and stay healthy!