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Good morning Readers!

It’s Monday October 18, where did the month go? Pretty soon we’ll be talking about that dirty four letter word, that’s coming soon!  Not today, it’s going to be 64 degrees! Whoopee!

That’s all there is to talk about. The weather….. the leaves are almost all done, only the birch trees remain, even he beautiful needles of the Tamarack Trees weren’t  that breathtaking.  This must be a lack-luster fall maybe that means something, so far no one has come forward. Please let us know

There’s plenty of bird hunters in the woods but, not a lot of birds taken. they’re seeing them, just not getting them a few parties stated! Do you think that with all the activities in the woods, the birds are spooked?? Could it  be with every animal…this news is short, no news this week…more next week….. bigger article!

Until next time….be kind…be healthy!