Clam Lake News & Events

I’m writing this article Sunday evening at 5:30pm and totally dark! On the bright side it was 52 degrees today!!

I talked to my friend Geri in Forest Lakes, Arizona and they got 6-8 inches of snow last week. Why is this relevant? It seems our weather and the weather up on the rim are a lot alike. So, 52 degrees is fantastic for a November day…..

This Thursday is our monthly Potluck Dinner. Meeting is at 5pm, Rob Puhls will give a brief demo on the defib and then dinner and if there’s time Bingo. So, bake up a tasty treat and join your friends and neighbors for a good time…..

I got a call from Rick Guthman from the Elk Country Atv Club. He would like to remind all members of the monthly meeting on Saturday, November 14 at 1pm at Deb’s Y-Go-By. Also, have you checked out your local watering holes for the winning ticket for the Atv or the other January Fishing Contest goodies? You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket…. By the way the fishing contest is Saturday, January 16, 2016. So, we better get to making some ice!!

I think I forgot the November Birthdays and Anniversaries, so here they are:

11/02 Belated wish to Richard Ruekema

11/05 Sophie Schier

11/06 Patti Renzelmann

11/09 Allissa Ward

Carl and Iona Guthmann celebrate their 69th wedding anniversay!

11/10 Cody Feckner

11/11 Ace GRiffaw

11/13 Chris Ferda

11/16 Kate Alden

11/17 Becca Biasi

11/18 Kali Jo Ford

11/21 Kris Guthman / Tom Biasi

11/28 Mary Schier / Ron Miller

No Matter what you are celebrating we all hope it’s very happy!

As we celebrate Veterans Day say Thank You to a Vet…..

Until next time….be kind!