Clam Lake News & Events

No Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls or bumps in the night could be seen or heard in Clam Lake last night. I miss the days of my children, the Eder children and the Cornell and Rice’s little ones going from house to house by car even in the snow making their rounds on Halloween. For some residents it was the highlight of the evening and it took up a big portion of the conversation at breakfast at the Rustic Stag when Audrey Rennert, Katie Block, Audrey Hakes and Gloann Roquemore would come in for their usual cup of joe around mail time. Those were the good ol’ days….

In our elderly community why can’t we have a party for us? Think about it..and only regular size candy please……

Now that we are into November, one can only wonder when old man winter will rear his vicious grasp in the Northwood’s.  My vote is for late January! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter’s first snow, predicting when then lake will freeze over or when the ice will thaw. Who will win the atv at the ice fishing contest in January or if they’ll get that outhouse back…. But, it’s the 30 below wind chill and days like that I don’t like. How about you?

This is the time of year when the wood stoves are being fired up and leaves are being burned that fills your mind with turkey, stuffing and cranberry jelly. A trip to your sister’s or gramma’s, football Go, Packer’s, Viking’s and Bear’s!

While the roads are clear get out and enjoy! Watch out for Bambi and Elk!

The next Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday, November 12 at 5pm. So, bake up a tasty treat and join your friends and neighbors….

Until next time….stay warm, be kind and stay healthy!