Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Readers!

It’s Sunday afternoon and what a beautiful afternoon it is. On Lower Clam Lake the mercury is settled in at 53 degrees. It’s gorgeous out there! Enjoy!

Last Thursday evening The Clam Lake Community held their monthly Potluck dinner/meeting. There were approx. 18 people in attendance and the food was out of this world. There was baked ham, lasagna, chicken, 2 kinds of macaroni salad, oriental hot dish, cheesy potatoes, pizza and cheese,sausage and crackers. If you went home hungry, it was your own fault.. And then the desserts!   Oh,my! The next Potluck will be our Christmas Party… There will be “NO” dinner, only “appetizers” to share. If you would like to participate in a gift exchange please bring an appropriate gift  (for a gentleman if you are a gentleman and for a lady if you are a lady) to pass and there is a $15.00 limit so, be creative… The second Thursday of December is 8th. It will start at 5pm and if you would like to bring a bottle to share, please feel free to do so… This night is always a lot of fun… Remember there will be no Potluck, PLEASE only bring an appetizer to share….

As you are making out your Christmas cards the next few weeks, please include the following Birthday cards. Here are the December Birthday’s:

12/01   Ally Anderson

12/02   Rocco Fanella, Sam Tetzlaf

12/11   Allison Krygoski

12/14   Roger Anderson

12/15   Dan Cornell

12/20   Alizey Eickermann

and the following friends are celebrating Anniversaries:

12/12   Tim and Tammy McFadden

12/29   Paul and Susan Eickermann

No matter what you are celebrating..We all hope it is very Happy!

They are forecasting a bit of rain this week and high in the high forties… Still nice, get out there and enjoy!

Look for more blaze orange as they’ll be out scouting for that perfect spot…

Until next time… Be kind!