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Happy December my Friends..

It’s almost 7pm and it’s 41 degrees here on the south side of Lower Clam Lake that’s pretty unseasonable for this time of year but wait… the other shoe is going to drop on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when temperatures drop and there’s a chance of seeing a few flakes.. that’s more like it for December.

December is the time for holiday parties and Clam Lakers are no different when it comes to getting together..On Thursday, December 14th the Clam Lake Community Club will hold their Annual Christmas Potluck Dinner Christmas Party (no meeting!) at 5pm.. So, bake up a holiday treat and join your friends and neighbors for an evening of fun.. Also, if you wish to participate there will be a gift exchange ($15 limit) woman for woman and man for man..wrap the gift up and put it under the tree and it’s alot of fun to guess who it came from.. So, we hope you mark that date down and come join the fun!

Until next time…Be Kind!