Clam Lake News & Events

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

With last week’s recent snow that gave the Birkie Foundation something to cheer about and the area snowmobiler’s hit the trails hard. Now it’s a flurry here and a flurry there, just enough to keep the shovels handy….

I got a call from my “Breakfast Buddy” in sunny Florida and they are doing fine. I told him that I didn’t want to here about his beautiful weather so, I have no weather report….Hi Beth and John!!

My sister in Arizona said it was 30 degrees there a couple of nights!  The whole Country is having strange weather because of El Nino. I hope we have a mild spring, whenever that will be….

The next monthly Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday, February 11 at 5pm. Meeting first, then a brief social time and dinner, then a few games of “HI-Stakes” Bingo… We all hope you bake up a tasty treat and join your friends and neighbors….

News is slow again this week, for that I do apologize….

Until next time… stay warm and be kind!!