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Good Monday Morning Readers!

I’m a day behind in writing my column, Sunday kind of flew by i really don’t know where the day went… I guess we all have those days..

Here are your friends and neighbors having April birthday’s:
04/02 Tim Mc Fadden
04/03 Mary Mc Corison
04/06 Jan from Mondovi
04/07 Lea Justice, Joan Wilbur
04/11 Annmarie Stuebe
04/15 Deb Straetz
04/18 Jerry Renzelmann, Kyle Krietzmann
04/19 Colton Miroslaw
04/22 Brittany Heer
04/24 Brian Eder, Jenny Miller-Scherschel
04/26 Joy Heinlein
04/28 Bev Mathey
And a Happy 70th Birthday Wish to Dave Frasch who celebrated his happy day on 3/28.

April Anniversaries:
04/11 Doug and Janice Mc Dougall
04/29 Ralph and Cherie Cornell

The next monthly Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday April 13th at 5pm…

Enjoy the nice weather that we are suppose to get this week…Until next time..Be Thankful and Be Kind!!