Clam Lake News & Events

Good Monday Morning Readers!

It’s 6:50 Monday morning and as usual my Sunday got away from me..between laundry and more laundry, I don’t know where the time went..I did manage to make a small wreath for the front door..So, I guess I accomplished something..

The Clam Lake four plus one ventured out on Saturday morning to find a little gem in the woods..The Farmstead Creamery and Cafe is located on Fullington Road in Moose Lake Country..If you are wondering where that is it’s off Moose Lake Road, which is off of County Road A or Forest Road 320 is you are in to rustic roads..and the farm only uses it’s own homegrown vegetables and meats..they are open Tuesday thru Sunday from 9am to Noon on most days with some days open till 5pm.. Lynne, Pat, Bev, Nancy and myself really enjoyed our meals there and will be likely to return..

I have to say meeting Nancy I’m looking forward to return in February..and I know all the other ladies are too! From here Nancy who travels with her four legged companion Gus will head to Santa Fe, New Mexico to house there.. It’s been alot of fun Nancy and we all wish you safe travels!

Jane Eder had a full house last weekend as Jill, Scott, Jackie and Tony came home for a working weekend..They all help Jane with splitting and bundling camp firewood..It was a beautiful weekend for that and I’m sure they all worked very hard..

The Clam Lake Community Potluck will be held on this Thursday, April 13, starting at 5pm with a brief meeting and then Potluck but, for those of you interested at 4pm we are all invited to meet at the home of Brian and Doris Johnson’s to view Brian’s latest collection of carvings..we all hope you join us!


Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Jan Sharp and the friends and family of Peggy Lynn who passed away last week. Our Sincerest Sympathies to all who knew her..

Until next time..Be Thankful and Be Kind!