Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Evening Readers…

This week our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Glidden affected by the rising waters. The damage that it has caused is still unknown this Sunday as the water has not really began to recede and we are in for more rain on Monday and Tuesday..and then there was the terrible tornado in Chetek, this has been a wild weather year so far..we wonder what the good old Farmer’s Almanac has to say about this…

St. George’s Chapel will open it’s doors for the first mass of the season on Saturday, May 27th at 6 o’clock p.m. The Chapel will be open until Labor Day…

Deb’s Y-Go-By Taco Wednesday is Here! So, stop on down for beef or chicken tacos or taco salad and Enjoy! and there’s Spaghetti and Meatball Tuesdays…So, if you are really hungry come both days!! The food is great!!

As June is next week I’m looking at the trusty calendar, here are the June Birthdays and and Anniversaries:
06-04 Rick Guthman
06-07 Chad Heer
06-09 Noah Hulstrom turns 20
06-10 David Goff, Ray Lavender (Schier)
06-12 Ray Mathey, Mario Pieracci
06-13 Tom Stuebe
06-14 David Holter
06-15 Laurie Reil, Rhica Hogue, Jerry Ferda, Richard Michard Miendel turns 85!
06-19 Cherie Cornell
06-23 My Mom, Paulene Castro
06-24 Tammy Ludwig, Marlene Pieracci
06-25 Jill Eder, Bree Hulstrom turns 9
06-27 Jackie Eder, Sam Tetzlaff
06-29 Adam Heer, Ralph Cornell

We wish you all a very happy day!

Anniversary wishes go out to:

06/07 Rick and Kris Guthmann
06/10 Jim and Pam Stowell
06/20 Mario and Marlene Pieracci
06/23 Clinton and Janet Mc Cloud
We wish you many more happy years together!

Happy Memorial Day! Don’t forget the Veteran’s gather at the Chippewa River about 11:30a.m. to throw the wreath in the river then they proceed to the cemetery then to the Chippewa for lunch…

Have a Good Week…Be Safe…Be KInd…Until Next time!