Clam Lake News & Events

Good afternoon Readers!
It’s early Monday afternoon or late morning and it sure is a gorgeous day out there. The mercury is settled in at 79 degrees and there’s a nice breeze coming off the lake so, it’s very tolerable outside. We are expected to get some rain today which will be nice for the fire danger is still at high. Hopefully the rain will help in that respect…

This weekend St. George’s Chapel will hold mass at 6pm this Saturday and they will do mass every Saturday until Labor Day. So, get there a little early to get a good seat….

Also, this coming Monday is Memorial Day and the service in Clam Lake will begin at noon at the bridge in downtown where they throw a wreath in he river and then march to the cemetery. It’s always a nice thing to attend and the Veterans do a great job. So, try and attend….

The Kubley Family grew by two this past week as Carl and Jean’s son Daniel and his wife Emily welcomed Sam and Alice to the Family. Proud Grandparents are thrilled and can’t wait to go back to see the twins….

The next Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on Thursday June 9th at 5pm. So, bake up a tasty treat and join your friends and neighbors for good food and better company…..

Graduation is this Saturday and there will be open houses galore. Congrats to all the Grads! A special congrats to my grandson Noah and my granddaughter Allison who are also a part of the class of 2016! Good job!

Here are the June Birthdays and Anniversaries:
06/04 Rick Guthman
06/07 Chad Heer
06/09 Noah Hulstrom turns 19
06/10 Raina Scheer, David Goff
06/12 Ray Mathey, Mario Pieracci
06/13 Tom Stuebe
06/14 David Holter
06/15 Laurie Reil, Rhica Hogue. Jerry Ferda, Richard Miendel
06/19 Cherie Cornell
06/23 Paulene Castro
06/24 Tammy Ludwig, Marlene Pieracci
06/25 Jill Eder, Bree Hulstrom turns 8!
06/27 Jackie Eder
06/29 Adam Heer, Ralph Cornell
Anniversary wishes:
06/07 Rick and Kriss Guthman
06/10 Jim and Pam Stowell
06/20 Mario and Marlene Pieracci

No matter what you are celebrating we all hope it’s happy!!

Please have a safe and happy Memorial Day!
Until next time, be kind!