Clam Lake News & Events

It’s been a very hot week this past week in the mid eighties and it’s suppose to continue into this week with no relief in sight… I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like this heat wave will continue unless we get  some rain…, let’s all do our rain dance or say a little prayer for rain….

Recently Bob and Georgie Fanella  enjoyed a weekend visit  from their son Bobbo and his girlfriend Pam. Although it was a working weekend  Bobbo (Gorgie had a list) they got some time to play touist in Hayward, They all had a great time!

F.Y.I. from Lynne Rice

This year marks the 85th year of Clam Lake having summer celebrations of one sort or another.

The first was held on Camp Fire Island in 1930 and was called” The Clam Lake Carnival”. This early event included water sports, boat races and a picnic. They were so well received that they decided to hold them annually.

In other words… Lot’s of potato salad. LOL

Lynne Rice


Thank you Lynne

Lynne will also, have a history display at the August Fest for all to enjoy…….

Remember the August Fest will be held on Saturday, August 8, Food starts at 11a.m., Music by Richard Anderson   starts at noon and he will play until 3p.m.  We all hope you will stop b…..

The Next Potluck Dinner/meeting is Thursday august 13  at 5pm. dinner first so, bake up a tasty treat and come join your friends and neighbors. Then meeting to follow….

August Birthdays:

08-01 Jim Krygoski

08-02 Devin Schaeffer

08-07 Jane Eder, Pete Alden, Tara Hodgeman-Stockdale

08-14 Bob Fanella, Gary Oligny, Kim Griffaw

08-15 Sarah Reukema

08-17 Jerry Justice

08-20 Cher Cofrin, Carol Plotkowski

08-21 Bunny Fisher, Chris Cornell

08-23 Jim Stowell

08-25 Wendy Cobb

08-27 Wyatt Hulstrom

08-29 Nate Rice

08-31  Cheryl Miller

August Anniversaries:

08-15 Tom and Nilu Eder

08-20 Jim and Joan Wilbur

08-30 Dave and Evalyn Frasch

No matter you are celebrating, we all hope it’s happy!

Until next time…be kind…and stay healthy