Clam Lake News & Events

I’m back!

It was a rough 2 weeks off and I know I missed the fireworks but, I had a great view out my window to see Duluth’s and Superior’s fireworks and they were good enough for me. I would like to THANK our dedicated men who do the show for us year after year. I heard it was a fabulous display. Good job guys!!

The next big event in Clam Lake is the August 8th Fall Fest.  If you have any questions about this event or would like to volunteer a couple of hours give Bill a call at 715-794-2378.

I would like to THANK everyone for the cards and phone calls while I was ill. They meant a lot me. A special thank you  to the Clam Lake Community Club  for the plant. It was very thoughtful and the delivery man was extra special!

I’m sorry this is so short I need to catch up on all the goings on in Clam Lake before I can tell you.

So, until next time be kind and stay healthy……..