Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Evening Readers!

It’s been a lot cooler this week than last, in the 70’s and one day the high was 51! Now if that was January we would all be very happy but, for the first week in August not so much.. Mother Nature is sure keeping us on our toes this year…

As this is the first full week of August that means that Labor Day the last “big hurrah” of the summer and the last mass for the season at St. George’s Chapel is right around the corner. This year that mass will be held on Saturday, September 2nd. at 6pm

Did you know St. George’s was dedicated on June 21, 1949 in the memory of George Henry Zillig who was killed in a car accident after the war in 1945. George was the son of Henry and Mamie Zillig who donated the land and building site and by large measure labor for the chapel.

The chapel is if log construction and can seat 150 people to it’s fullest capacity. Jerry Schraufnagel hauled the logs donated by the Forestry. The building site and parking lot were prepared by Joe Novak and his bulldozer. Richard, Harry and Russel Snyder erected the chapel along with the dedicated Catholic people of Clam Lake who put in a great deal of time and effort to have a place to worship in keeping with northwoods rustic nature of their area.

Henry Zillig spent a winter crafting the pews out of logs sawed in half by Leonard Menke at his saw mill.

I will tell you more next week about the dedication in 1949…

Many people have been buried and married at St. George’s..and in June of 2019 we’ll celebrate her 70th year!

This Thursday August 10th at 5pm the Clam Lake Community will hold it’s monthly Potluck dinner..So, bake up a tasty treat and come join the fun!

We are playing tour and fishing guide this week to Jim’s brother Jacob,,He’s from California so I hope the weather holds out for them to fish and catch something! If not we’ll play tourist…


On August 19, 2017 10am to 5pm the Elk Country ATV Club will hold their Annual Brat Feed at the Picnic Area at the Clam Lake Junction.. The Club will be selling Hats and Sweatshirts and the tickets for the ATV they are raffling off in January at their Ice Fishing Contest..Also, on the day of the Brat Feed bring your “Poker Run” cards and make sure they are filled because they will be announcing the winner at 3pm..They’ll also be able to take take-out orders for the brats… Mark that date down on your calendar and be sure to head to downtown Clam Lake….

Enjoy the week…Until next time…Be Kind!