Clam Lake News & Events

What a soggy Sunday this turned out to be! Once in awhile the sun will peak out and then I’ll run outside to pick some more flowers be fore they all blow away and it’s starts to drizzle…. oh, well there’s always Monday…..

There’s a correction as I was mis-informed. The Forest Service informational open-house will be held from 3:30pm to 7pm on September 30th, Note the time change……

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will Hold the Clam Lake “Bugle Days” Dinner on Saturday September 12. There are other activities going on that weekend. If you would like more info and a contact number, you can check out the info on the Clam Lake website at

The next Potluck/Dinner Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 10 at 5pm. Meeting is first and dinner follows….

I have a few September Birthdays to pass along:

09-01 Lisa Street

09-02 Jerri Cornell, Judi VanCamp

09-03 Kelly Griffaw- Williams

09-05 Shirley Kohnen

09-06 Mason Hollister

09-07 Shiloh Gifford

09-08 Connie Weiner

09-11 Richard Hogue

09-14 Bob Schmidt, Craig Neilson

09-15 Jacob Miroslaw ( Tim Gapen’s Grandson)

09-16 Janet McCloud, Pete Eickerman,  Brooke Swearingen

09-18 Dan Allen

09-19 Steve Alf

09-27 Tammy McFadden, Linda Glafcke

09-28 Jim Wilbur, Taylor McFadden

09-30 Ron Vecchie, Debra Higgens, Greg Reinders

September Anniversaries:

09-02 Ron and Cheryl Miller, Chris and Kelly Williams

09-19 John and Beth Francois celebrate their 45th year of wedded bliss!!

09-23 Brian and Tawnya Hulstrom

No matter what you are celebrating, We all hope it’s a happy day!!!

Until next time….be kind and stay healthy…..