Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Once again we are back to spring in all its glory! Again. This past weekend was especially nice with temps nearing 70 degrees with sun! May it continue this time.

SPIDER LAKE NEWS – FROM THE US FOREST SERVICE AND THE TOWN OF GORDON – Tentatively scheduled for the third week in May the old culvert on Spider Lake Road is going to be updated to a box culvert. This will take two weeks to complete which will mean road closure for anyone north of the creek. Doug Thorp wishes everyone to know that this is not the town’s undertaking but, the US Forest Service.

ASHLAND COUNTY EMERGENCY RESPONSE – The Ashland County Emergency Response people have reached out to Town of Gordon Chairman Doug Thorp asking for contact information for all those that would be affected if the Day Lake Dam should ever fail. This would include people on the waterway itself and those on Upper Clam and Clam Lake proper – basically anyone below the dam. He has asked me to gather names and emails so contact could be made if such a need arose. What would be presented to the people, in the event of such an occurrence, would be that they are in the path of the water and need to evacuate. If you wish to add your name to the list please send your info to or call 715-794-2448. Hopefully, we will never face an emergency situation such as this but is best to be prepared. Thank you! (This would include both residents and seasonal people.)

MEETING RECAP – On Thursday, April 11th the Clam Lake Community Club held their monthly meeting. As usual, it was well attended. We thank all those that come to the meetings and voice their opinions and ideas about things in the community and share in the general camaraderie of our small village. At our next meeting. held on May 7th ,members of the Forest Service and possibly various fire departments will be giving a talk on Fire Prevention. This is an important topic for all living in a forest so mark those calendars. The lucky winners of the night were Van Nguyen by garnering the door prize and Georgianna Fanella for taking top honors at Bingo. Congrats go out to them!

BOOK CLUB – In May the Clam Lake Book Club will be making its debut. Meetings will alternate between Ransoms Place and the Chippewa Outpost. The first meeting will be held Tuesday May 14th at Ransoms Place running from 4:30 to 5:30. Food and drink will be available for purchase at both locations. The book that will be discussed is “The Last Wolf” by Jim Crumley. They wish to extend an invitation to people to join them for some “Lively discussion, camaraderie, tasty food and inspiring libations.”

Until next week…..

Pictured is the Day Lake Dam