Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

This week we were reminded that we are indeed in Northern Wisconsin and subject to its varied weather. We went from rain, to warm sunny days to a snow event on Friday. The snow didn’t last but for a few minutes we experienced a white out. Back to spring please Mother Nature!

BOOK CLUB REMINDER – In May a new club will be making its debut in Clam Lake. This will be the Clam Lake Book Club. They will meet at Ransoms Place. The first meeting will be held Tuesday, May 14th running from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. The book they will be discussing is “The Last Wolf” by Jim Crumley. They invite all to join them for some “Lively discussion, camaderie, tasty food and inspiring libation,” The two responsible for organizing this new club are Lisa Peifer and Bonnie Booth.

BREAKFAST CROWD AT THE EIKHORN – Knowing the Elkhorn Lodge is now serving breakfast, a group of our Clam Lake elk decided to stop by for a quick morning snack. As they were leisurely enjoying an early breakfast they agreed to pose for some videos and photos. As always, they try to be accomodating to the humans they share their forest with. We thank them! They said the grass was delicious!

CEMETERY UPDATE – According to the proceedings from the Town of Gordon March meeting work is progressing at the Clam Lake Cemetery. They noted that more trees were being cut and that the county was chipping the scrap trees. When I stopped over this past week stump grinding had been going on with more work being done by their big machinery. As noted, this is still a work in progress and with the removal of trees and brush is not looking the way it once did. We need to exert patience towards our cemetery and the work being done there as it being turned into a new version of itself. We look forward to the finished product.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE REMINDER – The Ashland County Emergency Response team has asked for the emails of those that would be affected if the Day Lake Dam should ever fail. Those would be people on the West Fork Waterway, Clam Lake proper and Upper Clam – basically anyone below the dam. No one really knows what would happen if the present dam ever failed but, it has been recorded that the orginal dam that was put in by the Leonard’s logging company during the 1800’s, did fail in 1926. That event caused severe flooding. Day Lake Dam was built in the exact same location. Of course, our present dam is of much better construction than the wooden dams of old. If such a disaster were to ever happen what would be presented to the people would be that they are in the path of the water and need to evacuate. If you wish to have your name added to the list please send your email address to me at or Doug Thorp (Chairman of the Town of Gordon) at Thank you!

Until next week….

Pictured are our Clam Lake elk enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the Elkhorn Lodge. (Photo courtesy of Todd Rongstad.)