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Happy Saturday Afternoon Readers!

I thought I would get a head start on the article as I’ve been having problems with getting on the internet. One person said it was my router, the next says it’s the internet service is bogged down, the next says it’s the upcoming solar eclipse.. Who do you believe? Speaking of the eclipse it is on Monday, August 21st..and the best viewing spot is Hopkinsville, Kentucky (according to NASA)..and that’s where my daughter Tawnya lives and people there have gone wacko… some are selling 1 foot by 1 foot standing spaces in their yards to view the eclipse for $100.00 a spot, all the hotels are booked for hundreds of miles around…and some are making this a week long festival.. I know a Solar Eclipse is a really big thing and doesn’t happen too often but, I believe people should enjoy the rare beauty of it and not the all mighty dollar. Besides, isn’t that the exact time travelers from other planets use to come undetected into our planet to live among us…

It’s hard to believe that this is the 3rd week of August and that Wednesday will be the halfway mark.. This month seems to be slipping away quickly like the last two..before we know it school will start and will all get back into that ol’ routine.

Last Thursday the Clam Lake Community Club held it’s monthly potluck, this month there was no meeting just food and bingo and I heard it was a lot of fun! First there was the food..2 kinds of pizza, salads and chocolate cake which was the only dessert…Ace called Bingo and everyone had a great time..If you missed it like I did the next potluck will be held Thursday, September 14th at 5pm.

As you can see this article kind of got away…I will finish my second part about the dedication of the chapel next week..

Also, September Birthday’s and Anniversaries.

Until next time…be kind!