Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

The weather this past week featured seasonable temps and even a bit of much needed rain by the end of the week. Our forest is dry! So, whatever rain we get is very welcome as are the days in the 70’s. Even though we are still in summer it often feels like autumn is trying to get her foot in the door. And she will…..

ST. GEORGE CHAPEL– Time is winding down for services held at St. George of Clam Lake, our historic “Chapel in the Pines” . St. George is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day with Mass being celebrated every Saturday at 6:00 pm. It has served as a summer mission chapel for residents and summer visitors alike since 1949. It is a simple log cabin structure very reminscent of cabins of that era. Although it has electricity since power was brought to Clam Lake in 1948, it has never had running water. Enjoy a trip back in time to a simpler era in our chapel. Come pray with us! All are welcome.

NOTE FROM RICK GUTHMAN (President of the Elk Country ATV Club) – “The Elk Country ATV Club would like to thank Zac and Nancy Ransom for donating some of the raffle and 50/50 money to the ATV Club from their 5th anniversary party. You guys rock! Thanks again from the Elk Country ATV Club.”

COMMUNITY CENTER UPDATE: This past week saw a group of us down at the building site of our new Community Center going through items that were salvaged from the old building. Much of these had been stored in the Firehall. With the arrival soon of windows and doors that will need to be housed it was time to begin the task of going through things. Thankfully, almost all of the items that were in the old Club store room and kitchen had survived. As goes with most forgotten closets, drawers and totes many items had not been looked at for several years so a good going over was in order. Who knew we had a collection of around 40 pot holders stored in a tote? Will we really need that many? Probably not….And what of that mysterious large inexpensive framed print of a single ear of corn that no one knew where it came from or its significance? Umm….no. Of course, it was good to find things that we had been looking for and never quite knew where they were or with a vague “in the store room somewhere” if asked. One of the salvaged treasures was one of the original hand made small folding tables stamped CLCA on the back which stood for the Clam Lake Community Association. This was what the Club had been called in the 20’s and early 30’s before it was incorporated so either it is. or is nearing. being a century old. As the village historian, I was grateful for its survival and to Steve Carlson, whom braved entering the kitchen area during demolition, to retrieve it for me. Considering all that it’s been through over the years it looks no worse for wear. Now, items are being stored in the beer shed. When the building is completed they will be moved once again. As they say, “been a whole of movin’ going on!”

PHOTO BOMBING ELK STYLE OR “WHO ME?”: When trying to get that perfect shot of a group of browsing elk there always has to be that one, doesn’t there? That lone elk that suddenly pops into view up close and personal in an attempt to block its fellow browsers. This particular elk was quite successful in her attempt to put her best hoof forward as the photo accompanying my news attests. Or was she just curious about what that strange thing was that was looking at her? We’ll never know but, we will give her her 15 minutes of fame. All I can say is, “You go girl!”

Until next week….

Pictured is an elk photo bombing its companions. (Photo courtesy of Mark Scharpf.)