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Hello Clam Lake!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2023 bring you joy, good health and prosperity.

The main topic of conversation over the past couple weeks has been the weather. The normal start up of conversation, prior to our latest storm was, “So, how long were you without power?” The Griffaw family takes top prize for being out 4 days! It definitely varied depending…..some just a few hours, some a few days.

Of course, Ole’ Mother Nature wasn’t quite done with us yet. She decided, just for fun, to enroll us in the “Blizzard of the Week Club” (I, for one, am cancelling my subscription.). This lovely gift brought us another storm which didn’t include major amounts of snow but, featured days of high winds with sub zero temps which the weathermen called a “Ground Blizzard”. And, just for good measure, a few of us were once again without power for a few hours on Christmas morning. Talk about a Merry Christmas when it came back on!!!! Once again, thanks go out to those hard working linemen who were out on a cold Christmas morning to restore power to our forest community.

CHRISTMAS PARTY RECAP: On Monday night, as the snow fell (again!), a hardy group of Clam Lakers came out to the Community Club to share in the joy of the season with friends and neighbors. It was time for good company, presents and fun! Even as our newly restored power continued to flicker amidst groans (power out!) and cheers (power on!) a good time was had by all. Thanks go out to all that attended. The food was delicious!!!!!!!

Time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in January a very happy day! They are:

January 1st – Gail McDonnell, Sue Johnson and Blake Wangelin
January 6th – Morgan Keaney and LeAnn (Eder) Capron
January 8th – Amilla Wallace, Daniel Nielson and Michael Nielson
January 9th – Dan Cornell and Alana (Vecchie) Gerhardt
January 14th – Cody Eickermann
January 15th – Todd Eickermann
January 22nd – Lief Hustrom
January 26th – Dan Rein
January 29th – Kenlyn Estelle Heer
January 31st – Lisa Heer

Of course, the elk were out making their holiday rounds to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. Nice of them to pay us visits. Other animals of the forest were caught proclaiming to one and all a very Happy and Healthy New Year! We wish them the same.

Until next week…..

Pictured is a Clam Lake elk paying a social call on Jim and Kate Brinkman and a wolf ringing in the New Year. (Photos courtesy of Kate Brinkman and Chris Frasch)

Clam Lake, WI Wolf