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Hello Clam Lake!

With Tuesday, December 21st being the first official day of winter, Mother Nature must have decided – ok, let’s get down to business here! – sending us a snowfall resulting in a few inches of fresh powder with temps dipping down into the single digits and more. The lakes seem to be trying to adjust to all the changes in temperature letting us all know their complaint as they boom away while they contract and crack. One week it’s thunder, the next ice booming. Now? SNOW….Ahhh….nature.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2022 be a happy and healthy year for one and all!

CONGRATS go out to Makala Reukema for completing the process of becoming a certified EMT with the Glidden Area Ambulance Service. We wish to thank her for her dedication and service to our communities. We are so proud of you! Thank you!

MEETING REMINDER: On Thursday, January 13th the Clam Lake Community Club will hold their monthly meeting beginning at 5:00 pm. The short meeting will be followed by a Pot Luck and some Clam Lake style Bingo. Hope to see you there!

MEAT RAFFLE: The Clam Lake Forest Riders will be hosting a meat raffle on Saturday January 15th running from 3:00 to 5:00 at Ransom’s Place. Time to come out and support this worth while organization and win some delicious meat in the bargain.

ELK HUNT RECAP: With the conclusion of the 2021 elk hunt I decided to check in with Wildlife/Elk Biologist Josh Spiegel on the status of the hunt. He relayed that of the four tags awarded three were filled. Two animals were taken from the Clam Lake area during the early season with the third taken in the Flambeau State Forest right before the conclusion of the second half of the season. It remains to be seen how the Natives fared as their season is still running – concluding in early January.

MYRTLE – NEW BIRDING RECORD: – Jan Sharp, our local birder, shared that she has had a yellow-rumped warbler, whom she has named Myrtle, hanging around her feeders since early December. Myrtle should not be here this time of year with the furthest north her breed migrates to is St. Louis. Myrtle, being a first year female and experiencing our warm fall, failed to receive the memo reminding her it was time for her to go south. So, here she is in Clam Lake wondering “what the heck?” Jan has been putting special food out for her which she seems to enjoy and has even made some little wicker “nests” for her that she has put in the surrounding trees. So far, so good but, Myrtle’s future is tenous especially with predators, in the form of hawks, out and about. We wish her well and hope she survives the winter. Jan reported that she is a new record for the Clam Lake Christmas Bird Count.

MARK THOSE CALENDARS: Once again, on Saturday, January 15th, the Elk Country ATV Club will be hosting their popular Ice Fishing Contest on Upper Clam Lake. Time to get those huts and shanties ready for a fun day out on the ice! See you there!

Time for us to wish all those celebrating birthdays in January a very happy day! They are:

January 1st – Gail McDonnell, Sue Johnson and Blake Wangelin
January 6th – Morgan Keaney and LeAnn (Eder) Capron
January 8th – Amilla Walace, Daniel Nielson and Michael Nielson
January 9th – Dan Cornell and Alana (Vecchie) Gerhardt
January 14th – Cody Eickermann
January 15th – Tood Eickermann
January 16th – Gordon Reinders turning 94 years young!!!
January 22nd – Lief Hulstrom
January 26th – Dan Rein
January 29th – Kenlyn Estelle Heer
January 31st – Lisa Heer and Janice Sharp

SPEAKING OF: I received a holiday card from Liz Fletcher, a former Clam Laker I hadn’t heard from in a few years. Liz and her late husband George once lived on 195 with her moving to be near family after George passed. George worked at the UW Stevens Point installation that was once part of our Clam Lake world. Liz worked at Ross’ Teal Lake Resort as well as the Clam Lake Junction. They were both vibrant members of our community. Liz is now in LaCrosse in an assisted living facility and had her daughter Kathy send her greetings to those of us here. Kathy related that Liz had just recently celebrated her 90th birthday and was the life of the party at the gathering held there. Was great hearing from her! On behalf of all of us, I want to wish her a Happy belated Birthday!!!

ELK HOLIDAY GREETINGS: Visiting with some of our Clam Lake elk last week they reminded me to wish everyone a very Happy New Year from their herd to yours. They have been busy visiting friends and neighbor’s homes to view the holiday decorations and wish everyone a Happy Holiday!

Until next week….

Pictured are some Clam Lake elk making their holiday rounds and Myrtle. Photos courtesy of Kate Bragdon Brinkman and Jan Sharp respectively.