Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam lake!

Happy New Year to one and all! I hope it is a healthy and happy one for all.

Wow! Hard to believe we are entering the third decade of the new millennium already, isn’t it? Wonder if it will be like the “Roaring Twenties” of the 20th century? Will this decade be remembered with a special tagline? Maybe….time will tell. Remember Y2K and how so many thought the year 2000 meant the end of the world as we know it? Here we are 20 years later and still rollin’ along.

This past week’s weather has been amazing! Temps riding above freezing with rain and melt going on. The snowbanks are getting smaller and it was nice to not hear the heater running and running and know that people out traveling about over Christmas did not need to battle huge snowstorms or sub-zero weather. Not typical, that’s for sure. Of course by the weekend we were hit with icy conditions with side roads becoming especially treacherous. Then Monday brought us some fresh snow. Ahhh….winter, or whatever this is.

I talked with Rick Guthman asking how conditions regarding the ice were on Upper Clam. He said he’s been checking it routinely to get a feel for the (hopefully!) upcoming ATV Elk Country Ice Fishing Contest. When I talked with him before Christmas he said that there was 8 to 10 inches of ice under the snow and slush. He was hoping that the slush and snow would melt and then freeze once colder temps made their way back to us. I have no dates or “for sures” on the contest yet but, will keep you posted. Considering the slush and warm up be cautious if venturing out. The word around town is that Lake Namakagon only has two inches of ice under it’s blanket of snow and slush. Not safe at all!

All the winter sports enthusiasts are wishing for a return to snows and colder temps. Never fear – something tells me we haven’t seen the last of winter quite yet. I talked with Randy (Ghandi) Sersch whom works the groomer for Ashland County and he said the trails are holding up well and that there’s plenty of snow to ride on. Good news! Hopefully this prevails after our weekend rain/ice event.

EVENTS: The Clam Lake Community Club will hold their monthly meeting/Pot Luck/Bingo on Thursday January 9th starting at 5:00. Our featured speaker will be Jane M. from the Ashland County Aging Unit. Plan to attend if you have questions or concerns. She may be the one to help you. Promises to be a fun and informative evening.

FIDDLE FEST: Beth Allison (resident fiddler) has asked me to share that her and her band the Celtic Connection, will be playing at the Fiddle Fest in Seeley on January 4th. This event will feature a variety of musicians from the area. If you’re looking for some good music and a fun time this sounds like the place to be! Check for details on the signs posted in the local businesses.

DEER: I’ve heard reports of more sightings of deer on the roads with the warmer temps. Please keep an eye out for them and give them time to get off the roads as they struggle through the deeper, crusty snow.

NEW FACE IN TOWN: I’m sure some of you have noticed that we have a new face at the Post Office. This is Connie Schloer, whom hails from Butternut. She is our new Post Master Relief person and will fill in for Kendra Crom when Kendra has to be gone. She will also take over the Saturday shift. She is new to this position and has been training for awhile with Kendra. She says she loves it, so let’s make sure to extend to her our warmest Clam Lake greetings. Welcome, welcome Connie!

Until next week….keep ‘er movin…..

Pictured is Connie Schloer at the Clam Lake Post Office