Clam Lake News & Events

Anticipation..Anticipation..As we are all waiting for this snow to come or not this Monday evening we don’t know what to expect..You know what they say it’s only a weather prediction and it all depends what Duluth TV Station you listen to…

With the Birkie being this weekend remember there will a lot of extra traffic…So, drive defensively..

Here are your Friends and Neighbors Birthday’s for the month of March:
03/04 Claudia Johnson-Reinders
03/06 Beth Francois/ Gregg Krugg
03/09 Tom Eder
03/10 Jim Lambert
03/11 Anna Rice/ Rob Dezotell/ Larry Miller
03/12 Barb Murphy
03/13 Zack Higgins
03/22 Scott Straetz
03/23 Fred Hodgeman
03/25 Andy Dana Reinders
03/28 Dave Frasch/ Barb Miller
03/29 Matt Francois
03/31 Georganna Fanella
03/06 Ace & Joan Griffaw

No matter what you are celebrating..We all hope it’s Very Happy!!
and..A very Special Belated Birthday Wish to Iona “Ma” Guthman who celebrated her 92th on February 7th..Ma We all hope it was very, very Happy…

The next Clam Lake Community Potluck Dinner/Meeting will be held on Thursday March 8th at 5pm…So, bake something honor of St. Patrick’s Day which is on Saturday, March 17th…

F.Y.I. We turn the clocks forward 1 hour (Spring Forward) on March 11th…
The First Day of Spring is March 20th…

Somethings to look forward to..

Always remember to be Thankful, Grateful and Blessed…Until next time…