Clam Lake News & Events

Good Morning Readers…

It’s Tuesday morning and it’s -9 and it’s going to be a beautiful day! Did you see the Super Snow Moon last night? It was awesome..the night sky was so bright, it was like nature’s night light. It was awesome. I hope you got a chance to see it.

I thought I would start with March Birthday’s and Anniversaries this time, so here is your March list:
03-04 Claudia Johnson-Reinders
03-06 Beth Francois/Gregg Krug
03-09 Tom Eder
03-11 Anna Rice/Rob Dezotell/Larry Miller
03-12 Barb Murphy/Zack Higgins
03-22 Scott Straetz
03-23 Fred Hodgeman
03-25 Andy Dana Reinders
03-27 Kim Filter our girl at the Junction/Dave Frasch
03-28 Barb Miller
03-30 Aubrey Eickermann/ Doris Johnson
03-31 Georgie Fanella

Anniversary wishes go out to Ace and Joan Griffaw who celebrate their day on March 6th

Now matter what you celebrating we all hope it’s a Fantastic Day!!

If you missed the last Potluck Dinner on February 14th, you really missed out! We all enjoyed a buffet of tasty morsels and the History Lesson by Lynne Rice was all about the original owners of the Clam Lake Lodge..It was a very interesting and informative lesson..Thanks Lynne! And then it was on to a “crazy” bingo session..Ace was calling and we all had a great, if you missed it you really missed a great time with your friends and neighbors!! The next Potluck will be held on Thursday March 14th at 5pm.

We are expected to get some snow on Wednesday and Sunday so, if you are out and about Be Safe!!

Until next time..Be KInd and Be Grateful.