Clam Lake News & Events

Weather this past week, aside from an inch of snow and a couple chilly mornings was, once again, on the mild side. After last year’s brutal winter, we will take it!

BIRKENBEINER 2024 – 50 YEARS! – Begun by Telemark owner Tony Wise this year marks the 50th anniversary of the American Birkenbeiner – North America’s largest cross country ski race. Due to our lack of snow this winter, there have been some challenges but the race is scheduled to be held – with changes. Rather than heading towards Hayward, all races will be held on a 10 kilometer loop of artificial snow around the trailhead in Cable. Only the elite skiers will be allowed to complete the traditional 50 kilometer race. The rest of the skiers will do a 30 kilometer race with the Kortelopet reduced to a 20 kilometer. To make up for the absence of the big race, the various races and events will be spread out over a series of days running from February 21st through the 25th. And, of course, this is not the first time the Birkenbeiner has had to be shortened or cancelled altogether. The last cancellation was in 2017 when it was 60 degrees with no snow. So, we have to be grateful for what is. We wish all the participants good luck and hope everyone has a great time!

COMMUNITY CLUB MEETING RECAP – WELCOME BACK! – The Clam Lake Community Club held their first meeting in their new Community Center this past Thursday. We wish to thank everyone that attended making it a great get together for young and old alike. Everyone enjoyed seeing the new building and and all that it has to offer. After the meeting, which recapped the rebuild that took place over the past year, it was onto the Pot Luck and some serious Bingo. Although Master Bingo caller Ace Griffaw could not be with us, Jane Hebert was granted an emergency certification to call the games. We thank her for going out of her way to do that and although ball identification was difficult at times and Kim Filter’s telepathic powers were on pause, everyone had fun regardless. The big winners were Jane Hebert garnering the door prize and Alice Filter taking over the top spot by Filling her card – proving to one and all our Bingo set (although a bit rattled) was all there.

CONDOLENCES – We extend our sympathies to Lea and Jerry Justice on the loss of Little Guy (LG). Little Guy was a feline of distinction – known for his beautiful green eyes and sleek gray fur whom loved spending time with his humans. He was a gentle soul, although he did like to remind his fellow feline and canine housemates that HE was the boss. And he was! LG started out his days in Clam Lake as a kitten wandering out of the woods found by some childrren. Their mother said they couldn’t keep him so they took him to Lea whom took him in and tried to find his owners. After several days of searching with no luck he became a permanent member of the Justice household. Since he was so small when found, they named him Little Guy. Of course, due to a love of fine cuisine, Little Guy grew to be what one would term “pleasingly plump” making him all the more cuddly. As a hobby, he became an avid bird watcher and due to that, agreed to a bell around his neck to warn the avian world of his presence. He was enjoyed by many and definitely will be missed. LG is survived not only by his humans but also by his feline companion Darby and his new little canine brother Bryce. Little Guy was 14.

Until next week…..

Pictured is Little Guy.