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Hello Clam Lake!

This week we are saying, “Hello winter!” and how. The Polar Vortex has returned even though no one invited it. We’ve gone from abnormally mild temps and low snowfall to several days of not getting above zero with especially cold nights. One day it was 38 above, the next it was below zero for a high. We even got a bit of snow into the bargain.

SPEAKING OF….I spoke with Jack McGregor, our local weather forecaster. Jack has his weather station on Lake Five and has been keeping track of Clam Lake’s weather for the past ten years. He took over as an affiliate for the National Weather Service when a gentleman in Winter, who was doing it, retired. Every morning, Jack goes out and checks his rain gauge. If there is snow, it is melted to assess the water content to provide an accurate precipitation level for the National Weather Service. He also measures actual snow depth on his snow board along with various other weather conditions. His report is sent to the Service at 7:00 every morning. I asked him if he had any ideas on what is upcoming for us with this sudden change in our mild winter conditions. Jack said, according to the National Weather Service, in February we are due to see a return to a more traditional winter weather pattern. Yup, you guessed it. That means snow and cold are ahead – maybe not in that order. Right now, Jack said we are sitting at 40 inches of accumulated snow whereas last winter we reached a depth of 56 inches. Our average is 70 to 90 inches per season. Jack has Clam Lake’s accumulated weather records covering the past 20 years at his disposal so is able to definitively talk averages. If you are looking for up to date, all things Clam Lake weather your best bet is to visit Jack’s Lake Five Weather Station website which can be found at This is updated every five minutes. His forecast can also be found on Weather Underground by typing in Clam Lake WI. We thank him for keeping us in the know. Good job!

REMINDER: Free covid-19 testing is available every Wednesday from 9:00 to 1:00 at the Winter Fire Hall. This is for anyone over the age of five. If you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed please get tested to protect your health and that of your friends and neighbors. Thank you!

2020 ELK HUNT UPDATE: From the Sawyer County Record: The GLIFWC issued the following statement, “With an eye on the present and future health of the Clam Lake omashkooz (elk) herd the GLIFWC member tribes declared five bull elk for the 2020 season but chose a more conservative harvest approach out of concern for the population. To date, the tribes have not harvested any elk from the Clam Lake herd for the 2020 season. The decision to limit hunting is rooted in heeding the best available science and an abundance of caution for the long term success of elk, known as omashkooz in the Ojibwe language. ‘We have been a part of elk restoration work for many years, and we want to see omashkooz populations thrive again’, said Intertribal Task Force Chairman John Johnson Sr. ‘The best way we will achieve this is if we listen to the advisory committee that was established to help us follow the best suitable science. We are always looking at future generations to come.’” The five state elk hunters filled their tags in the fall of 2020.

NEW POSTAL WORKR: We are happy to welcome Chuck Zwicker as our new Route Carrier Relief Person. Chuck will handle the route on Saturdays and when Jen needs a day off. The Zwicker family lived in Clam Lake during the 80’s for a few years with their son Eric attending school in Glidden. Chuck’s parents were the first to be in Clam Lake with Chuck stating that he’s been coming up north for the past 72 years! When his parents passed, he took over ownership of their cottage on Little Clam. After spending eight years in California, they returned to Wisconsin to settle in Eau Claire where Chuck managed a resort. About a year ago he decided to move back to the northwoods and settle in after buying a home here. He is enjoying being back and is definitely keeping busy! Along with the postal route, he has done work for Garmisch, the Tally Ho and the Clam Lake Junction where he has put his professional painting skills to work. We are happy to have him back and thank him for his service to our community!

Until next week….stay warm!

Pictured is Chuck Zwicker.