Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

We march on with our fluctuating temperatures. We go from the high 80’s, to the 60’s, then back to the 80’s seemingly overnight. Plenty of rain and storms on hand. I talked with Jack McGregor, our local weatherman and he reported that we’ve had 5 and 3/4 inches of rain this month. By the end of this past weekend that number must be higher..

REMINDER: St. George’s Chapel is celebrating Mass every Saturday evening at 6:00 pm. In accordance with the guidelines set down by the CDC and Bishop Powers we are following social distancing and the wearing of face masks. We hope to provide a safe and pleasant place to worship in our historic “Chapel in the Woods”. Come join us in our log cabin church built from the forest that surrounds it. St. George’s slogan? “No Vacation from God’s Service!”

A HEARTY CLAM LAKE WELCOME goes out to Brandon and Jessica Eder who have moved to Clam Lake this summer from Washington state. Brandon is the son of Brian and Joyce Eder. The couple and their two young children, Jaxson nine months and Nicholas age two, are currently living with the Eder family until they decide what the future holds for them. Brandon is the grandson of the late Don Eder. Jaxson and Nicholas would be Donnie’s great grandsons. How time flies! We welcome this young family to our community!

We wish to say “Happy Birthday!” to all of those celebrating their special day in August. They are:

August 1st – Travis Wold and Jim Krygoski
August 2nd – Devin Schaeffer
August 4th – Jessica Eickermann
August 10th – Jane Eder and Pete Alden
August 12th – Deidre Eickermann
August 13th – Kim (Griffaw) Feckner, Bob Fanella and Gary Oligney
August 15th – Sarah Reukema and Ryan McCarthy
August 17th – Jerry Justice
August 19th – Marlie Reukema
August 20th – Cher Cofrn and Carol Plotkowski
August 21st. – Chris Cornell and Bunny Fischer
August 23rd – Jim Stowell
August 27th – Wyatt Hulstrom
August 29th – Nate Rice
August 31 – Cheryl Miller

Those celebrating wedding anniversaries in August are:

August 11th – Gordon and Maryann Reinders (celebrating 64 years of marriage!)
August 15th – Tom and Nilu Eder
August 17th – Alice and Rick Filter
August 20th – Jim and Joan Wilbur
August 30th – Dave and Evalyn Frasch

We wish them all a joyful celebration of their lives together!

HELIPAD UPDATE: One night last week, the Glidden Fire Department came out to visit us to familiarize themselves with our new Helipad off of Rescue Road. Tom Biasi, who is a member of both the Glidden and Namakagon Fire Departments and a Clam Lake resident, gave them a guided tour of the grounds. This included learning where switches and locks were for accessing the area in an emergency situation. Emergency transport helicopters require fire equipment to be on hand for safety’s sake. We thank them for coming out to be a part of this project and for their dedication to our communities. We also wish to thank the newest member, Izzy Broge, for coming out with her fellow firefighters and allowing us to share her 18th birthday with her. Happy Birthday Izzy!

Until next week….. enjoy the beauty of the forest and remember to “Summer Safely”.

Pictured are the members of the Glidden Fire the landing pad. L to R: Mike Brun, Tom Biasi, John (Sumo) Pankratz, Greg Schuelke, Chief John Grage, Derek Bay, Izzy Groge (in 18th birthday attire – complete with crown), Robert Hill, Joel Broge and Fred Beil.