Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

This week brought more rain and cooler temps. Tuesday’s highs were only in the upper 60’s After being in the mid-90’s the week before this felt like quite a switch. I think many of us were only too happy to see the really hot humid weather to take a hike. Of course, by the weekend we were back in the high 80’s with yet more rain. Up and down it goes. Always.

ST. GEORGE’S CHAPEL: A reminder that Mass is celebrated every Saturday evening at 6:00 pm at our historic “Chapel in the Woods. We are following guidelines set by the CDC and Bishop Powers regarding good social distancing practices and the wearing of face masks to provide a safe and pleasant place to worship. We invite all to “come pray with us!” in our log cabin church made from the forest that surrounds it. St. George’s motto? “No Vacation from God’s Service!”

BEARS still seem to be paying visits to various homes hoping to garner some tasty treats. Kish Hodgeman reported that she looked out one morning to see a young cub causing havoc with their garbage container. When she opened the door he immediately headed for a tree and proceeded to half-heartedly climb it while glancing back at the goodies being left behind. After a time of tree sitting he came back down and decided the food wasn’t worth the effort and ran off. As we all know, cute as they are, where there is a cub there is a mom, so best to keep your distance. Mama bears are very protective of their young and can be dangerous if they feel their young are threatened. Kish said, even though he made a mess, he was fun to see!

THE RETURN: I’m sure everyone has noticed the uptick in hummingbirds at their feeders. These “new arrivals” are the fledges or young birds, that have learned to fly, left the nest and are out on their own. The hummingbird parents will feed primarily on insects when they have chicks to feed in order to give much needed protein. This makes us see a decrease in birds at our nectar feeders during that time. But, oh boy! What a change when everyone grows up! It’s back to business at the feeders. And where are Mom and Dad? – busy hatching out siblings.

HISTORY MOMENTS: An excerpt from a July 1929 edition of the Glidden Enterprise: “Clam Lake Assn. Annual Meeting – The annual meeting of the Clam Lake Community Association was held at Camp Fire Island Camp Wednesday evening, at which time the work of the past year was reviewed and the program for next year’s activities laid out. Duane H. Kipp, of the State Conservation Committee, spoke at this gathering and commended the members of the Clam Lake organization for the excellent work and co-operation they had given in promoting these projects. A chicken supper was served at seven o’clock at Camp Fire Island Camp to a very large representative gathering from all over the county, with a number from Glidden.The Clam Lake Association has done much for it’s community through persistent efforts and is accomplishing much good work in developing the community” (As a side note: the Clam Lake Community Association was a precursor to the Clam Lake Community Club. Many early events were held on Camp Fire Island prior the Club’s organization – including annual festivals. Featured events at these “picnics” would be boating and swimming races and water jousting.)

THE HODGEMAN family wishes to thank everyone whom sent cards of condolence on the loss of their daughter, Tara. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers were very much appreciated.

Until next week…..remember to take care of yourself and protect your neighbors by continuing to“Summer Safely”. Yes, we live in the woods but sadly, we have been reminded that we are not “out of the woods” as far as the pandemic is concerned. Wear those masks! Wash those hands! Social distance! and stay safe and healthy!

Pictured is Camp Fire Island Camp as it appeared in 1929 (91 years ago).